ProjectKvantarioLocationBenesov, Czech RepublicLighting DesignerKvant Show Production, SlovakiaInstallerKvant Show Production, SlovakiaSubmitted byKvant Show Production

This Park is a museum of light and modern technologies as well. It’s a light that introduces you to the world of art, science, illusions, and entertainment. Our competitive advantages mainly include the fact that we are a company with many years of experience in the development, production, and implementation of laser technology in various fields, especially in the entertainment industry. We are a well-coordinated team of physicists, creatives, and skilled electrical engineers. We have been developing, manufacturing, and exporting laser technology for the entertainment industry for over 27 years and are proud to be a world leader in the industry.

This is our 3rd project in the field of science parks (2 in SK) and the 1st focused on VR (in CZ). The main idea is the popularization of science and physics to the general public in a fun and interactive way. Kvantario is our complex implementation, where we applied all our knowledge and experience. The park has a total of 22 rooms, of which 8 rooms have a laser installation. The overall preparation took almost 3 years, mostly during the Covid-19 pandemic. The project spreads over an area exceeding 10,000 m2, on a total of 5 thematic floors. More than 100,000 meters of cabling, 1,000 control systems, and units, hundreds of computer docks, LED screens, lasers, exhibits, and effect lights were installed. Our effort is to further develop the park and equip it with other modern technologies. The venue is fully barrier-free.

Various effects are included in the installation, such as movement of warm and cold air, vibrating devices causing tremors and shocks, motion simulators, haze machines, sound sources with sound effects, etc.
So, in addition to seeing and hearing, visitors can also really feel individual effects. The project simply showed where the future of the interactive and entertainment industry is headed. It’s a unique show of the latest VR technologies, where you can look forward to 5 levels of endless fun for the whole family.

The biggest challenge was safety. Therefore, a consistent management of laser safety had to be developed. Park has a total of 22 rooms, of which 8 rooms have a laser installation. Each room has its standard control and is designed with a single START button for easy operation of personnel. The laser powers used are from 1.8W to 3W, some with a 50mW custom design. In interactive installations where people come into contact with single laser beams, the measurement was made, and the thickness of the beam was amplified so that the MPE was not exceeded. Rooms that do not have fixed barriers between people and lasers have, in addition to e-stop, an automatic e-stop installed (barrier overrun detection sensor).

Foreign developers, graphic designers, and audio-visual artists joined Kvantario team as sub-contractors. They gained valuable experience installing multimedia and laser shows in major entertainment metropolises. The focus was also given to their coordination.

The most difficult challenge we faced was the pandemic, which forced us to interrupt all work unexpectedly. This extended the project’s timeline and delayed the opening date due to a lack of funding. Despite the setback, everyone persevered and continued to work tirelessly.

Lighting features:
Laser display systems (laser graphics, laser mapping, laser beam show, laser effects).
Laser bars.
LED tubes, projection mashes.
Combined big bang projection/ quantum world (particles, photons, stars, nebulae).
LED screens (large screens, angle screens, floors).
Video projectors and optics (video projection on sphere, video projection on walls, 360 projection, 3D video projection, 3D video mapping).
Informational LED panels with text and graphic projection and backlighting.
360-degree video projection on plastic spheres with different diameters.
Connection of works of art realised using the most modern technologies and materials with light and sound.

Special Effects:
Custom made exhibits and models in the vein of physics and optics experiments.
Realistic imitations of shocks, vibrations, warm and cold air, etc.
Laser projection in the form of rendering on a light-sensitive phosphor surface. The rendering gradually weakens until it disappears completely and is replaced by the next display.
Holograms and holographic projection on holographic glass.
Haze machines.
Optical illusions installations.

Virtual Reality glasses, custom made programmed SW, simulators.
Spoken text with interpretation, repetition in a time loop.
LED gate, 3D video projection on LED panels – floor and back wall.
Interactive installations.
Media servers, PC units.
Handprint sensors.
Various light, audiovisual, holographic and interactive installations on the theme of astronomy and science fiction.

There was also trussing, lighting, and audio installations within this project.