Gas South Arena

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Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Gas South Arena is at the heart of Duluth, Georgia’s Gas South District – a sprawling 118-acre campus that can accommodate a variety of events from concerts, performances, meetings, tradeshows, conventions, banquets, celebrations and more. Gas South Arena is a 13,000-seat arena featuring a state-of-the-art house reduction system which can quickly convert the space to a 3,500 theater-style setting or a large convention and tradeshow space. The facility is also the home to minor and professional league sports teams in hockey, lacrosse and volleyball: the ECHL’s Atlanta Gladiators, NLL’s Georgia Swarm, and APV’s Atlanta Vibe.

“When you’re considering sound for an arena, you immediately have to discuss acoustics,” said Cooper Hedden, southeast regional sales manager at Danley Sound Labs. “We immediately have to consider concrete walls, concrete floors. Danley is unique because we can help solve these problems with outstanding pattern control.”

According to a recent white paper from the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, the market is changing. The white paper asks a simple question “if watching at home is less expensive and getter better all the time, why bother” attending a live event? With that said, the paper goes on to state that future fans will have high expectations to attend live events: “screens, lights, sounds, and tastes – all will be part of a multi-sensory fan experience.”

Stan Hall, CEO of Gas South District agrees. “The sound is so much a part of the product we promote and that fans experience. The sound and lighting is what puts us with other world-class facilities and is part of our success and recognition.”

Installed in the arena, Danley SH96 loudspeakers and TH118 subwoofers were used.

“This is a great example of the efficiency of Danley in both the number of loudspeakers and subwoofers needed and in set up time,” said Hedden. “In a traditional array setup, it usually takes a long time to get everything aligned. We were able to get everything aligned in this system in a matter of hours.”

“Danley’s technological advancements and their experience made us very comfortable in working with them,” said Montey Ortell, general manager at Gas South District. “Partnering with Danley takes us to another level and provides the experience we’re trying to deliver for our guests.”

“Danley Sound Labs is a product that we are so proud of in this building,” said Hall. “We get accolades all the time from fans but also the athletes themselves.”

In addition to these in person accolades, Gas South Arena was recently named one of the top 25 venues in the world with a capacity of 10,000 – 15,000 by Billboard.

“From start to finish, Danley is first class,” said Ortell. “They have the right people, the right philosophy, and the right technology for any space – whether a 100,000 seat stadium, a 13,000 seat arena, or a 700 seat theatre. They have the right system and the right people to help you through the process. That’s why we partner with Danley.”