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Claypaky is the first and only entertainment lighting being certified in the ISO -based carbon inventory management system.

Furthermore, at Claypaky, we have embraced a dream, a vision of a world where sustainability is not just a concept but a collective responsibility. Recognising the urgency to act, we see sustainability and carbon-emission reduction as a key part of our Innovation strategy that goes beyond the product itself. That is why the CP Green project has been launched. For the second consecutive year, we’ve obtained the ISO 14064 certification, which calculates our impact on climate change at the organisational level. This certification is not just a badge of honor for us; it’s a proof that we’re not just talking about change; we’re making it happen.

Partnering with Spinlife, we’re analysing our carbon footprint and implementing strategies to minimise it. We’ve achieved ISO 14064 certification for two years running, a testament to our commitment. From optimising manufacturing processes to switching to renewable energy, we’re making comprehensive changes. We’re also enhancing data collection and management, involving suppliers, and planning carbon credit compensation for travel emissions. Our goal? To shape a better world for future generations. Sustainability isn’t just about the environment; it’s about people and communities. We’re constantly innovating, not only in lighting but in sustainability practices. Choose Claypaky, and you’re choosing a greener future. Let’s illuminate the way to a sustainable world together.

Concept, Solution, Product:
We are already in action. Several projects to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities have already been successfully implemented.
Through these initiatives, we are not just reducing our carbon footprint, but actively contributing to the global fight against climate change, solidifying our role in a sustainable future:
– plastic free packaging
– Implementation of the Kanban control system into the manufacturing process to increase efficiencies and reduce waste
– Reduction of the methane consumption thanks to a new Building Management control
– Investment into green energy
– Purchasing 100% of our electricity from certified renewable sources
– Conversion of our internal car fleet to full electric vehicles
– Installation of new, more energy efficient laser cutting machines
– Exchange of all interior lighting for energy efficient LED lighting
– Innovation road map for low energy consuming products and components
– Paperless operation in the production process and paperless fairs
– Implementation of a more precise and reliable data collection and management system to better monitor and improve environmental performance
– Offsetting airplane travels

Sustainability Impact:
Tracking about 650 tons of materials from their origins to our factory, and then from the factory to our valued customers. Over 7000 unique part numbers sourced from 208 suppliers. Each item methodically classified by using 363 distinct raw materials grouped into 83 categories. Producing 33,000 units of 92 diverse products, estimating a total energy consumption of 64 million kWh over five years.

Challenges in bringing the idea/concept to reality:
Plan to reduce and compensate Category 1 and Category 2 emissions. Claypaky is implementing this initiative to be more accountable for emissions related to production activities.