Changi Airport – Terminal 2

ProjectChangi Airport – Terminal 2LocationSingaporeArchitectBOIFFILSInstallerMoment FactorySubmitted byMoment Factory

As you step into the spacious airport terminal, your eyes are drawn upwards, towards the magnificent Wonderfall. The four-story digital waterfall, comes to life in a mesmerising choreography between the water and the rocks. The departing melodies of the Wonderfall, composed by a Montreal based artist Jean-Michel Blais, create an ethereal atmosphere, a fitting farewell to the journey ahead.Beyond the departure gates, a serene retreat awaits.

The immersive garden, a peaceful oasis, invites weary travellers to linger. Its ceiling, a vast digital canvas, mimics the ever-changing sky and its moods, sunbeams and all. This sanctuary, an innovative fusion of art and technology, offers an intimate connection with nature, an escape from the hectic pace of travel.At its heart, a symphony of soundscape ecology unfolds. The intricate audio installation, a masterpiece of randomness and beauty, orchestrates a dialogue with the surroundings. Over 100 bird species’ calls are woven into a captivating tapestry, their voices becoming one with the environment. The intricate audio system, carefully mapped out, paints an ever-evolving soundscape, where each note and melody is carefully crafted to surprise and delight.

Birdsong echoes through the garden, an enchanting, ever-shifting chorus. The intricate dance of audio illusions, with their variable pitch and filtering, creates a surreal journey, a wondrous call and response performance. One can almost sense the birds’ presence, as the randomized locations of their calls paint an immersive, magical reality.

The garden, a tranquil retreat, offers a welcome respite, inviting visitors to slow down and immerse themselves in the melodies of the natural world. It’s a place where the boundaries of artifice and wilderness blur, a peaceful co-existence, a moment of reflection amidst the chaos of travel. Here, the focus shifts from the hustle of departures to the captivating, ever-present sounds of the natural realm.

Moment Factory felt exhilarated to take on the challenge of working with the massive canvas offered by the bustling and renowned airport. The prospect of adjusting content, especially with real-time playback capabilities of the digital sky, added excitement and novelty to the venture.

One significant challenge we embarked upon was crafting digital water, a complex and technically intricate element that demanded extensive know-how and innovation. This captivating feature, a waterfall trompe l’oeil, presented a unique set of difficulties (scale, integration with the architecture, viewpoints, sound design, circulation), but our team rose to the occasion, embracing the opportunity to push technical boundaries.

The airport, already a bustling hub of activity, became an awe-inspiring spectacle with our seamless integration of multimedia elements. Our creative solutions seamlessly blended with the existing architecture, captivating passersby with a captivating visual experience. The intricate installation seamlessly woven into the airport’s fabric captivated travelers, heightening their journey through this vibrant hub.We were particularly proud of our ability in tackling the digital water challenge, a striking visual feat that added immense depth and allure, transforming the airport into a mesmerising showcase of cutting-edge technology and imaginative design. Passengers were treated to a transcendent experience, further enhancing the allure of their journey.

We strived to design multimedia features that supported the architectural intention to connect with earth’s elements and to create an experience evoking peace, calm and pleasure.

Immersive audio-visual experiences such as the digital sky, with its ever-changing soundscape of bird songs, transport the visitor to another realm, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. The software is meticulously crafted to ensure that no two experiences are the same, captivating return visitors with novel sights and sounds each time.

Along with the architects, Moment Factory has pushed the boundaries of design, successfully intertwining aesthetics, technology and acoustics, to create an iconic landmark.

The waterfall feature is a stunning centrepiece, captivating travellers and locals alike, who are often seen congregating around it, transfixed by its beauty. Its inauguration has become a talking point, sharing the story of this remarkable fusion of nature and human ingenuity, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it.

This project genuinely encompasses the essence of innovative design, captivating the senses and elevating the airport’s ambiance to new heights. We fully deserves the recognition it has received and will continue to be a topic of admiration for years to come.