BBC Earth Experience

ProjectBBC Earth ExperienceLocationMelbourne, AustraliaManufacturersHIVEArchitectTinker, BBCLighting DesignerTinkerInstallerTDC, AustraliaAcousticianFaberSubmitted byHIVE

The BBC Earth Experience in Melbourne fuses together bleeding edge video technology to provide an unforgettable experience for the audience of all ages.
The projects success is down to a variety of great choices by the client team, firstly stunning filmed content from the BBC, then David Attenborough for the narrative, TDC for the technical video services regarding Media Servers, provided by Hive. Give the nature of the project – the low energy SDM based Hive systems built inside of the Panasonic projectors aligned perfectly with the subject matter of the show. Celebrating innovation, sustainability and a strong message to help us all think a little more about the fragile world we all call home.

The main challenges, like with most large scale AV installations is budget. The vision and budget rarely align.

The original BBC earth in the UK used other brands of video hardware to achieve the same results, if not actually inferior.

TDC opted to solve this problem by using Hive system which saved the project over $1m+. TDC opted for Hive as the video system also saved money on shipping, reduces carbon emissions due to freight in shipping [due to low weight product] and most importantly speeds up the commissioning phase which speeds up and saves a lot in commissioning budgets, and complications. Due to the low power usage over time the system also solved the issue of large power & air conditioning draw for long running shows.

The Hive system being deployed inside each projector also means O&M contracts are very focused on specific sets of equipment which don’t rely on large networks of complex signal distributing etc

Firstly, it celebrates our world, its beauty and nature – this alone is worth all the awards in my opinion. Our world is precious and we all need to learn t protect it, look after each another and respect our place in the eco system.

From a technical post of view, it should win as it provides people of all ages in an awe inspiring environment, which does not cost the earth to attend and enjoy.

Thanks to the site wide used bleeding edge technology this immersive experiences are welcoming a new era in story telling, by simplifying the application & use.

From Michael @ TDC:
”The Hive BeeBlade and Hive BeeBox don’t just represent technological advancements; they are harbingers of a new, greener, and more efficient era in digital art installations. This transformative approach is not just a disruption in the media server space; it’s an evolutionary leap, saving time, money and the planet.”