Atlas Beach Club

ProjectAtlas Beach ClubLocationBali, IndonesiaArchitectCNS Design Works, IndonesiaInstallerDMP Musik, IndonesiaSubmitted byFunktion-One

Atlas Beach Club is the largest beach club in the world and counts Bali’s largest nightclub among its bars, restaurants, swimming pools and club spaces. In order to achieve a world-class level of hospitality and entertainment, owners Holy Wings Group invested in leading technologies, including Funktion-One sound throughout. 

Despite the challenging timeframe and complexity of the project, particularly networking, timing and tuning the audio across the venue, DMP Musik delivered on time and to the highest possible standard. You only need to look at comments online to understand how special this venue is and how loved it is by visitors from Indonesia and around the world. 

Atlas Beach Club has the ‘wow’ factor throughout, including a sound design and installation from DMP Musik using Funktion-One loudspeakers.

DMP Musik installed Funktion-One sound systems throughout the destination hospitality and entertainment complex, Atlas Beach Club in Bali, Indonesia. Considering this is the largest beach club in the world, spread across 2.9 Hectares, this was no mean feat. In order to achieve even coverage across the venue, DMP Musik custom designed Funktion-One sound systems for each space and networked the audio across the locations.

DMP Musik deployed speakers from across Funktion-One’s product ranges; from the Evo dance floor stacks at the beach club, to one of the world’s first installed Vero VXi systems in W Atlas Superclub (the biggest nightclub in Bali), and Compact Range speakers that are used throughout.

Atlas Beach Club’s owners Holy Wings Group have extremely high standards, which translates into a need for the best possible sound systems that deliver clarity, definition, detail and soul-stirring impact.

This led them to Funktion-One and the manufacturer’s trusted partner in Indonesia, DMP Musik, who have completed Funktion-One sound designs and installs for a host of the operating group’s venues.
This is a venue that stands out, not just in Indonesia but on the world stage and excellent audio plays a very important role in its success.

Spread across 2.9 hectares of coastal paradise in Bali Indonesia, Atlas Beach Club (owned by Holy Wings Group) is the largest beach club in the world. It features Funktion-One sound systems throughout courtesy of DMP Musik, including one of the first installed Vero VXi systems in the world.

Atlas Beach Club, located on the Berawa waterfront, features bars, restaurants, swimming pools and club spaces. In addition to the premium accommodation and entertainment venues, there is an area that’s open to the public, which hosts a market with street food stalls, traditional Balinese dance and music classes, workshops and a range of installations and exhibitions by local artists, photographers and designers.

DMP Musik had to overcome a number of challenges. They had to address the vast footprint of the venue and the number of areas, each requiring a different approach to suit the musical output of the space. Some areas required independent input for different programmes, such as a live band, small acoustic band, DJ, vocals, private function or background music. This required a huge amount of networking and a significant of time align all of the systems to ensure high quality audio performance throughout.

The hot and humid Bali weather and the seaside location presented a very challenging environment. Steps had to be taken to protect the speakers from the elements and ensure their longevity at peak performance. 
There was also a significant time pressure to contend with, during a period when lead times were still significantly impacted by Covid.