ARAMCO VIP Visitor Centre

ProjectARAMCO VIP Visitor CentreLocationRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaInstallerCreative Technology, UAE, DubaiSubmitted byCreative Technology Middle East

The installation was designed and delivered as a private space for the CEO to host VIP guests, providing an insightful exploration of ARAMCO’s past and the future vision. Standing out for its immersive and innovative design, Creative Technology (CT) overcame challenges like integrating highly technical requirements within the space limitation of the existing office structure, and power constraints. CT’s solutions ensured a smooth execution, utilising advanced technology and elements like using a pool of plugins and custom scripting to bring together somewhat isolated and separate products to build a truly immersive and fully interactive show.

The audio system works in tandem with other components like video, lighting, and control systems to deliver a seamless and engaging environment for guests.

L-Acoustics Soundvision and L-ISA software were used to manage over 150 speakers dispersed throughout the space, enabling a fully immersive multitrack audio environment. This technology allows for precise control over sound placement and movement, enhancing the overall sensory experience for visitors. The installation features three L-ISA systems providing three distinct areas of audio immersion.

The audio technology contributes to the interactive nature of the installation. Motion sensor cameras strategically placed throughout the space trigger audiovisual content as VIP guests navigate through different zones. This dynamic interaction adds a personalised touch to the visitor experience, catering to various walking speeds and enhancing engagement.

The fully automated show control, managed via Stage Precision and Q-SYS, further augments the immersive audio experience. By integrating different equipment and manufacturers, CT ensures seamless execution of complex timelines and commands, providing VIP visitors with a truly interactive journey through ARAMCO’s history and future vision.

Additionally, the audio system’s redundancy features ensure uninterrupted operation, crucial for maintaining a high-quality experience for VIP guests. Every device has a backup and failover mechanism in place, guaranteeing continuous operation.

One of the primary goals of the lighting design was to complement the immersive nature of the space while aligning with ARAMCO’s brand image and vision. To achieve this, CT utilised state-of-the-art lighting fixtures and control systems, including grandMA3 with 7 x PU XLs, 20 x Luminex Nodes with 2 x Disguise servers dedicated to driving pixel based DMX. This is along with custom-designed lighting solutions with over 100 individual lighting globes installed as ‘chandeliers’.

The lighting technology is seamlessly integrated with other elements such as audio, video, and control systems, ensuring synchronised operation to deliver a cohesive and immersive experience for visitors. Through precise control and programming, the lighting system enhances the storytelling aspect of the installation, effectively highlighting key elements and creating dynamic visual effects.

The lighting technology adapts to the interactive nature of the space. Motion sensor cameras strategically placed throughout the venue trigger dynamic lighting effects as VIP guests move through different zones.
Furthermore, the lighting design contributes to the overall ambience and atmosphere of the space, creating different moods and enhancing the storytelling narrative. Whether illuminating interactive displays, projecting onto transparent screens, or enhancing the visibility of mirrored surfaces, the lighting technology plays a crucial role in shaping the visitor’s journey through the installation.

The integration of lighting with other control systems such as Stage Precision and Q-SYS enables seamless operation and synchronization, ensuring a smooth and immersive experience for VIP guests. This level of integration also allows for the creation of fully automated shows, where lighting cues are precisely coordinated with audiovisual elements to deliver a compelling and cohesive narrative.

Through a combination of cutting-edge display technologies, projection mapping, and interactive elements, CT has created a visually stunning environment that effectively communicates ARAMCO’s history and future vision.

One of the primary objectives of the visual technology was to create a fully immersive space that captures the attention and imagination of guests. To achieve this, CT employed a variety of visual elements, including Barco projection systems, transparent screens, and LED displays. These technologies were strategically placed throughout the space to showcase ARAMCO’s story and brand image in a dynamic and captivating manner.

Projection mapping onto custom-designed surfaces such as the largest-ever moving puffer sphere and paper-looking acrylic projection sheets allows for the creation of lifelike and interactive visual experiences. By mapping images onto these surfaces, CT is able to transport visitors into different environments and historical contexts, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of ARAMCO’s heritage and achievements.

Furthermore, the use of transparent screens strategically placed throughout the venue adds an additional layer of depth and interactivity to the visual experience. These screens can display content while also revealing the physical models behind them.
Interactive elements such as motion sensor cameras and LED floors further enhance the visual experience by allowing guests to actively engage with the content. Motion sensor cameras trigger dynamic visual effects as guests move through different zones, while the interactive LED floor adds an element of interactivity and playfulness to the space.

The seamless integration of visual technology with other elements such as audio and lighting ensures a cohesive and immersive experience for guests. By synchronising visual cues with audio and lighting effects, CT creates a multi-sensory experience that captivates and delights visitors throughout their journey.

Firstly, integrating the highly technical requirements within the existing office structure presented a considerable obstacle. Through close collaboration with stakeholders and consultants, we meticulously planned and adapted the installation to fit seamlessly within the space, without compromising on the immersive experience intended for VIP guests.

Secondly, addressing power limitations proved to be a critical challenge. With the available power supply falling short of the original design requirements, demanding a meticulous approach to redesign in order to meet the power requirements. We utilised power-efficient equipment while maintaining optimal performance throughout the installation.

Furthermore, logistical hurdles associated with the installation of bespoke elements, such as the largest-ever moving puffer sphere and suspended acrylic projection sheets, required careful coordination and problem-solving. This involved modifying doorways to accommodate large elements and employing specialised equipment for precise installations, ensuring the seamless integration of these unique features within the space.

Moreover, addressing the complex projection requirements, including projection onto suspended acrylic sheets, demanded meticulous calibration and alignment. A comprehensive Disguise projection study, coupled with advanced calibration techniques, ensured optimal projection quality, enhancing the immersive experience for VIP guests.

Finally, ensuring system redundancy and reliability was paramount, given the high-profile nature of the VIP Visitor Centre. To achieve this, every device was equipped with backup and redundant failover mechanisms, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation, even in the event of technical issues.