Wonderland New York

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This latest hand made 9 Point SBS Slammer Hifi Analog showroom at Wonderland in Manhattan NY is custom designed and hand made in the USA with drivers imported from Italy.

The Hybrid SBS Slammer for Wonderland combines todays latest state of the art Class AB Amplification that is completely hand made to spec by SBS Designs with no internal off the shelf parts, and offers High Definition Analog Processing by SBS Slammer & SBS Designs offering the Widest Frequency response on the market, with the best Vintage front end pre amp to add full control and unique texture in the voicing of the playback, so it’s the sweetest and most musical offering that is easy on the ears while at Wonderland NY.

The hanging 3 way full-range horn loaded SBS Slammer system features a one of a kind State of the art fly system hand made and manufactured inside of Wonderland NYC made to spec with todays latest technologies to hang the large foot print 3 way horn loaded loud speakers, using Uni-Strut and Threaded Rod designed by my partner Nicky and installed on the loudspeakers by Rahim Bey, Rahim & Nicky was also involved in the install.

This custom Uni-Strut system was also designed to make sure the angle & Degree was exact in all 6 loudspeakers and not off by a 1/4 inch, if a hang IS off with Threaded Rods the height can be dialed in, with Chains it is harder for an exact replication in all 6 speakers with chain links not exact. This is a huge benefit for a space install esp if your dealing with a ceiling that is not even like at Wonderland from the age of design of this space.

Like all traditional SBS Slammer designs this 5 way HiFi system for Wonderland offers two diamond shaped SBS Slammer STA-371 Tweeter arrays. The Hanging STA-371 Arrays strategically placed are offered to add air and extension to make the playback seem endless and give the illusion instruments are floating over the floor, This design also incorporates 8 dual 18 SBS Slammer horns that are coupled for a 13 foot wide horn loaded sub-bass for low end with hand made point to point wiring with hand made Sheathing to give the wires the best connection and look.

The DJ Booth will offer high end State of the art Denon hardware with 2 SC6000 media players and x1850 mixer with SBS Modified Italian JBL 2 way monitors powered by a SBS Designs S4 Class A + AB amplifier with 950 watts of pure power to offer the DJs a ref of how the floor sounds and never miss a beat!

Making you Move to the Beat.
The SBS Slammer for Wonderland offers over 15,000 Kilo Watts Continuous and can offer peak power close to 20,000 Kilo Watts on demand
SBS Designs S2Pro Class AB Amplifier – SBS Slammer STA 371 Hanging Tweeter arrays
SBS Designs S2Pro Class AB Amplifier – 3 way Full-Range High Freq Wav-Guides SBS Designs S2Pro Class AB Amplifier – 3 way Full-Range Mid High
SBS Designs S6Pro Class AB+B Amplifier – 3 way Full-Range Mid-Bass
SBS Designs S6Pro Class AB+B Amplifier – Sub-Bass
SBS Designs S6Pro Class AB+B Amplifier – Sub-Bass SBS Designs S4 Monitors

SBS Deigns Iso-Q2 Finalizing EQ
Thrive Audio Bender program EQ (Pre SBS Designs) Urei 1620 Vintage Sub Mixer
Ashly 3102 EQS

VIP Rooms
Each VIP Room will have its own 100 Volt 700 watt system with level controls on the walls

Private Lounge Room
SBS Slammer SL30 Sub-Bass horns – Powered by SBS Designs S4
4 RCF c5215Two way Tops Powered by a Thrive Audio Iona Custom One off – Pre SBS Designs
Ashly 3102 EQ
Bryston 10B Class A X-Over
Denon sc6000 Media players
Denon x1850 Mixer

75 American DJ LED Bars
10 R1 Chauvet pro

2 large Novastar 12×10 LED 4K high def LED Walls were installed on custom housings by Vinny Craparotta & Quinn of Envy1