Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium

ProjectRoberto Meléndez Metropolitan StadiumLocationBarranquilla, ColombiaManufacturersRenkus-Heinz, Inc.DistributorSchallertechInstallerSchallertechSubmitted byRenkus-Heinz, Inc.

As the largest venue in Colombia today, The Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium (Metro Stadium), in Barranquilla, Colombia, seats 47,000 eager football fans for each of Atlético Junior football teams home games. Initially built in 1986 to host regional and international sporting events in Barranquilla.
In working with Renkus-Heinz, Schaller Tech, the local Barranquilla-based AV systems integrator ultimately chose and installed more than 80 TX151, TX82 and TX62 weatherized loudspeakers from Renkus-Heinz.

The speakers were chosen for the added IP-55 rating, weatherized enclosers and weatherproof finish which protects the speaker from rain, heat, sun and other weather element damage. For an outdoor stadium, providing a weather-resistant solution is ideal to avoid constant repair replacement due to harsh weather.

The Renkus-Heinz TX Series loudspeakers are a two-way speaker system utilizing advanced technology and application-driven engineering to deliver excellent, realistic live sound. Cutting-edge driver technology and unique innovations like the Complex Conic horns deliver natural-sounding music and intelligible speech. Versatile enclosure designs, combined with a wide range of mounting options and associated hardware, provide unrestricted flexibility for portable and installed applications.

When Metro Stadium hosted its first game back in September 2021, stadium management, spectators, event sponsors and other vendors were ecstatic with the sound provided by the Renkus-Heinz TX Series. Fans from the pitch to the terrace are met with intelligible audio that keeps their focus on the game, rain or shine.

With Metro Stadium’s popularity, management spent many years of the venue’s life needing to rent audio equipment for important events – a cumbersome process costing both time and money for the stadium. The large venue has fundamental acoustical challenges that needed to be addressed, including a large, cavernous layout, reflective seats with a fluctuating number of people in attendance and the consideration that any audio solution would need to withstand outdoor elements.

In order to address the acoustic issues and the inherent challenge of keeping fans engaged no matter where their seated, Metro Stadium management collaborated with Schallertech and Renkus-Heinz to upgrade the stadium sound system.

Using Ease Acoustic Simulation software, the Schallertech team modeled the stadium and designed the new audio system for the stadium. Ultimately, Schallertech chose the Renkus-Heinz TX Series to exceed the needs of the space. With more than 80 TX151, TX82 and TX62 weatherized loudspeakers the stadium produces quality sound coverage for sporting events, live performances and entertainment events.

As the largest venue in Colombia, providing excellent acoustics and audio coverage was mission critical for audiences, musicians, players and sports fans alike. When the Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium (Metro Stadium) installed the Renkus-Heinz TX Series loudspeakers, the entire stadium achieved a balanced and intelligible sound solution for every seat in the house. The weatherized loudspeakers are optimal for outdoor placements such as Metro Stadium where the speakers may be exposed to rain, sleet, snow or the sun’s ultraviolet rays but still need excellent sound coverage.

Greg Schaller, Owner and Systems Engineer at Schallertech notes, “The Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium worked to update and refurbish the stadium with a goal of hosting South American Cup events. To do so, a good, well-designed, installed sound system is a big necessity. As the South American distributor of Renkus-Heinz, we knew if we showcased the technology to the stadium team, they would be blown away by the quality and intelligibility of the sound.”