Siida Museum

ProjectSiida MuseumLocationIisalmi, FinlandInstallerCaverion Suomi OyAcousticianOioi CollectiveSubmitted byGenelec

Finland’s Siida Museum is dedicated to showcasing the culture of Lapland’s indigenous Sámi people. As part of the expansion and modernisation of the building, the museum implemented a new technical infrastructure based on ethernet cabling. Genelec’s networked Smart IP models were the perfect choice for the installation since each model runs off a single CAT cable which provides PoE, the IP audio stream and loudspeaker management.

The brief was to install the loudspeakers and configure the network switches for Dante. It installed a total of thirty 4430 Smart IP models plus a pair of 8010 Studio loudspeakers for one of the Sámi cultural displays, and a 7040 subwoofer that plays out Sámi shamanic drum sounds. It used Genelec’s Smart IP Manager software to configure the loudspeakers, which was very straightforward and saved a lot of time.

It configured the switches, and everything worked perfectly. A Picturall Mark II media server equipped with a 32 by 32 Dante card acts as the main hub to run all of the museum’s media content. The Genelec Smart IP loudspeakers were connected to the Dante outputs of the media server and that was it – the job was done.

Smart IP Manager software allowed the integrators and management team to set up an almost unlimited number of rooms/zones/audio channels which can all be individually configured. This flexibility helps to curate a carefully crafted immersive experience where each of the rooms can be tuned independently, and remotely, to form a guided visitor journey.

Beyond the obvious benefits of streamlining the initial setup, if the rooms ever need to be reconfigured to house future exhibits, the Smart IP Manager technology makes it exceedingly easy for the museum team to do so, without necessarily enlisting the help of experts.

The soundscape was designed by Aki Päivärinne, who works for Oioi Collective. He designed the system in a circular formation in both exhibition spaces to create the feeling that the visitor is surrounded by nature and culture.

In the main exhibition, there are two concentric circles; the inner circle is dedicated to the audio-visual installation that depicts Sami culture with its accompanying soundtrack.

The outer circle portrays the eight seasons of the Sami homeland, shifting the focus from one season to another in a revolving fashion, which encourages visitors to move through the seasons sequentially.

One challenge was the balancing of the historic Sami culture and heritage with contemporary methods of engaging audiences through technology, but the natural curves and timeless aesthetic of Genelec’s loudspeaker design provided the perfect solution to this.

Additionally, the customer was able to choose between 120 different RAL colours for the loudspeaker enclosures, to ensure a seamless blend with the environment they inhabit.

Acoustically, the space was challenging and, in this respect, the clarity, intelligibility and uniform coverage of Genelec loudspeakers was a huge advantage.

With uncoloured performance both on and off-axis and the ability to tailor the frequency response of each individual loudspeaker to the acoustic environment, visitors can enjoy a premium listening experience wherever they are located.

Through the project, the team successfully supplied and installed a comprehensive Genelec Smart IP loudspeaker solution based on a Dante AoIP backbone. It also created a soundscape that reflects the sounds of nature and creates an immersive visitor experience, despite challenging acoustic conditions.

Whereas, Genelec’s Smart IP loudspeakers require a single network cable for audio, power, and control reducing cable cost, clutter, and installation time – and perfectly complementing the museum’s new Ethernet infrastructure. Genelec’s green credentials fulfil the end-customer’s sustainable requirements.

The clever use of Smart IP technology allows the museum team to configure and control the system using the intuitive Smart IP Manager software.

“Smart IP is impressive technology. You only need one CAT cable to connect the speaker to the network,” stated Caverion AV specialist Lauri Riihiaho. ”

You don’t even need to worry about power outlets as that same cable delivers power via PoE along with the audio and control signals. Consequently, a Genelec Smart IP solution is actually a cost-effective option compared to a traditional analogue audio system, as you save money on cabling as well as installation time.”

Oioi Collective Sound Designer Aki Päivärinne agreed: “I knew I would use Genelec loudspeakers because in terms of sound quality, detail and transparency, there’s nothing to rival them.”