Casino Tampere

ProjectCasino TampereLocationTampere, FinlandArchitectMuuan OyLighting DesignerMonochromaticInstallerCraneworks OySubmitted byGenelec

For the Casino Tampere, all audiovisual elements were integrated efficiently to create an immersive multisensory experience for visitors. Genelec loudspeakers deliver the highest quality, premium audio, and blend seamlessly with the interior.

Smart IP technology and management software provide control of over 100
networked loudspeakers – each can be tuned to react to the on-the-fly acoustic demands of their environment. This connects with a Crestron control system, delivering zoned control of audio and video and other functions via an interface that can be accessed remotely or on-site.

Not only that but all stakeholders and suppliers observed a strict adherence to core sustainability values. “We wanted all of the casino AV technology to be built on an IP network with full remote controllability, including audio, video, lighting, digital signage, the AV matrix and scaler, and even scent control, ” said Sami Käyhkö of Craneworks Oy.

“Genelec Smart IP loudspeakers made perfect sense in this context. From a sound quality and durability point of view, you can’t ask for more – Genelec stands for quality, and we’re pleased to use a Finnish brand.”

Over 100 Genelec 4420 Smart IP networked loudspeakers were used across the site, chosen for the power and flexibility that Smart IP technology packs into an ultra-compact enclosure – offering clarity, intelligibility and uniform coverage throughout the casino. The system’s low end was supported by thirteen 7050 studio subwoofers.

There are two primary zones for PA, the Ukonivi Social Gaming lounge area, and a small stage in the primary sports viewing area, near the Nokia Arena entry and restaurant/bar, where visitors can watch sports from different TV channels or live camera feeds from the arena itself.

The integration featured a soundscape, crafted by the Finnish design company, Sevende Aromas, who is known for combining fragrance and audio to produce a powerful customer experience.

For the main social gaming area, called Ukonkivi, four by 98-inch screens were installed in a curved formation.

Craneworks specified and installed over 100 Samsung LED screens and touchscreens throughout the casino.

Furthermore, a Crestron AV matrix system – comprising of three touchscreens – controls what sports are shown from the Nokia Arena on which screens within the Casino. From these intuitive interfaces, staff can control the volume levels of the channels, as well as background music in different loudspeaker zones and different video, hazer, and light effects in the gaming zone, as well as various lighting features in the Casino.

This is also integrated with Crestron’s XIO cloud tool, providing remote control from outside the Casino premises.

Samsung RM (Remote Management) provides a system to remotely access all Samsung screens to set parameters and install firmware updates etc. Technical management of this is carried out by Cranework’s support & helpdesk and selected Veikkaus personnel located in Tampere and Helsinki.

Doohlabs Digital Signage CMS is used for managing basic, daily Digital Signage content uploading, scheduling and displaying of still, video, sound, and template content in loops. This is managed solely by Veikkaus, providing them with total control of their brand image.

A custom experience management system was tailor-made to provide control of all
‘experience’/ immersive content.

Casinos are historically designed to be immersive in an indulgent and escapist sense, encouraging excessive gambling and money-spending. One of the challenges for Veikkaus and the integrators they contracted, was subverting this narrative, by curating an immersive experience that is healthy. They achieved this by focusing on enhancing the senses with innovative technology rather than muting them.

As a state-owned Finnish company, Veikkaus had the task of ensuring that the entire project had a negligible impact on the environment. This philosophy informed every aspect of the design and delivery process, from the sourcing of locally-produced materials to efficient LED lighting, smart water consumption and other intelligent technical solutions.

The building was awarded LEED Gold certification (a standard that assesses carbon and cost-saving green buildings). Likewise, Genelecs were used not only due to their superior sound quality but also for the company’s commitments to sustainability, right down to the RAW recycled aluminium enclosure finish, which requires less finishing material and no painting.