Fabryka Norblina

ProjectFabryka NorblinaLocationWarsaw, PolandArchitectCommercial Audio Sp. Z o.o.Submitted byBose Professional

Norblin Factory is a multifunctional complex in the heart of Warsaw’s Wola district. After a year’s long revitalisation of the former Norblin, Buch Brothers, and T. Werner factories completed by the Capital Park Group, it has reopened to the city with its charming historical buildings integrated with modern architecture.

Cultural, entertainment, food, health and beauty concepts are available to visitors of Norblin Factory, including the original boutique cinema KinoGram, the organic market BioBazar, Norblin Factory Museum, Art Box Experience gallery, Apple Museum Poland, edutainment concept – Smart Kids Planet, the largest food hall in the capital city with many restaurants and live music concepts such as Food Town, Piano Bar, Moxo, Amar Beirut, as well as shops, retail and service outlets.

The main challenge of the space itself was that as a multi-venue space, it had significantly diverse audio sound needs for each zone. In addition, there was a challenge of ensuring remote access to each of the zones for ease of audio control as well as detection of possible failure that could be quickly remedied. The processors, amplifiers, and loudspeakers needed to not only provide superior sound coverage but also match the aesthetic and visual requirements this multi-purpose venue desired.

The multipurpose venue installation required uniform coverage with high-quality sound forming an extensive network able to successfully manage to exchange signals between all zones. The exchange of signals had to also support the live concert venue events, which could be streamed to all individual venues or zones.

Given the diversity of the various zones that needed to be covered, the sound system had to be planned strategically while ensuring that the various components come together and work cohesively. Apart from the quality and ease of use, the system was required to be extremely user-friendly and allow the regular, daily users of the many sound devices to work smoothly without complications.

The successful AV install enabled resulted in an installed system with uniform coverage of high-quality sounds from Bose Professional systems. In addition, a tool was required to monitor the operating status of all audio devices installed in the Norblin Factory.

An error logging system was designed that queries all devices and collects information on, for example, voltage failures, short circuits on the line, change in the impedance of the speaker line, etc. This was a key reason to use amplifiers from the highest Bose Professional PowerMatch series, which could simultaneously provide information for the most important parameters of the system’s operation, ensuring a system administrator is able to perform remote initial diagnostics.

The system uses a variety of solutions to offer the perfect capabilities for each one of the unique spaces, plus simple programming. The result is a remarkable venue that brings a seamless audio-sound experience to visitors for years to come.