Nohasi Palace Hotel

ProjectNohasi Palace HotelLocationNoha LE, ItalyInstallerBianco Hi FiAcousticianBianco Hi FiSubmitted byBose Professional

In the heart of Salento, in Noha, a hamlet of Galatina, stands the Nohasi Palace Hotel, an excellent accommodation facility that combines a love for the territory and local traditions with an attention to detail.

Inside a park of over a thousand square meters is a medieval tower with a drawbridge, terraces in golden bricks, noble courts, an ancient underground oil mill and, in the middle to them, the main building a palace that was first castle and then baronial residence, carefully renovated to make room for the rooms, a restaurant, a reception hall, a spa and many other environments, all designed for the well-being of guests.

The main challenges were mainly two – the first was to meet the client’s request to have 24 different zones to be individually controlled using a Smartphone, tablet, or local analogue controller. The second was to meet the restrictions and instructions of the superintendent’s authority since this historic building is protected by architectural and historical protections.

When it comes to perfectly integrating a new AV technology system into an old architectural building and still meet the standards of audio-sound coverage it is a challenging endeavour. Every area of the project had to have a distinct audio sound to meet the client’s expectations.

In this project, all these aspects reached their excellence which is why we strongly believe that it deserves to win this award. The creation of the sound system at the Nohasi Palace Hotel is a perfect example of how mutual trust between clients, integrators, and manufacturers is the key to overcoming complex challenges.