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Claypaky Achieves Key Milestone in its “CP Green” Sustainability Project by Gaining ISO 14064-1:2018 Certification as the First Entertainment Lighting Company to be certified in the Carbon Inventory Management System.

After intense investigations over the last nine months, guided by sustainability experts, we now know precisely what our CO2 emission footprint looks like,” said Andreas Huber, Sustainability Manager Clay Paky. “According to our company philosophy of climate protection and the development of a circular economy, we are committed to an energy-efficient and resource-conserving way of doing business and strive to develop innovative, environmentally-friendly products. We are pressing ahead with the development of a comprehensive sustainability strategy and setting ourselves specific targets with the goal of making our own operations carbon-neutral latest by 2030.”

In March 2022, Claypaky launched its ‘CP Green – Spotlight on Sustainability’ initiative for environmental sustainability. The project was undertaken in cooperation with Spinlife, a spin-off of the University of Padova. The Spinlife team provides public and private organisations of all sizes with tailored consulting plans regarding strategic environmental management and sustainability management techniques.

Believing that what is not measured cannot be improved, Claypaky took the first step of understanding, quantifying, and analysing its current carbon footprint using the ISO 14064-1:2018 norm and achieving certification via a third-party auditing process. Developed by the International Standards Organisation, a non-governmental organisation in Geneva, Switzerland, ISO 14064 offers policymakers and organisations a ready foundation of best practices upon which to build a GHG (Greenhouse Gases) reduction program to address the global environmental challenge of climate change.

Claypaky successfully completed this first part of its initiative and is proud to have become the first company in the entertainment lighting industry to receive certification in the carbon inventory management system.

As its next step, Claypaky is working on the development of a comprehensive carbon management plan with concrete measures regarding how to reach carbon neutrality within its operations latest by 2030. This will include both the purchase of carbon credits and reduction measures aimed at more sustainable management of various activities linked to operations and product innovation, such as the installation of a self-catering photovoltaic system or innovation roadmap for low-energy consuming products.