Chasseurs de Tornades, Futuroscope Park

ProjectChasseurs de Tornades, Futuroscope ParkLocationChasseneuil-du-Poitou, FranceInstallerFMDSubmitted byModulo Pi

L-ISA immersive sound technology by L-Acoustics to follow the movements of the all-terrain vehicle. An L-ISA mix was established with the stationary buggy, and then, using the L-ISA Processor and DAW plugin, a dynamic and automatic curve was added to represent movement. The final mix was recorded, programmed using the L-ISA Studio software suite, and used as playback during the shows.

Since the LED screen is not acoustically transparent, the team devised a configuration of 16 compact short throw X8 cabinets positioned around the top of the LED screen using L-Acoustics Soundvision software to ensure that this would provide maximum coverage to the audience. Four additional X8 speakers form an inner circle, with another X8 in the centre of the inner circle, facing directly down toward the audience.

For lower frequency reinforcement, three KS21 subwoofers face down from the ceiling, whilst three X12 speakers are positioned on the big stage and two on the smaller stage. There are six LA4X amplified controllers to drive the system, calibrated using the L-Acoustics M1 measurement platform, while a P1 Milan AVB processor handles network management.

The attraction takes place at the heart of the largest circular LED screen in Europe. Made of +800 Samsung tiles and powered by Modulo Pi’s Modulo Player media servers, the LED cylinder offers a 21K resolution for a truer-than-life immersion.
Composed of 800 Samsung IFR25 tiles with a pitch of 2.5mm, the cylindrical screen thus formed is 8m high and reaches 420 sq m.

Two parts of the circular LED theatre even go up and down as the show progresses, revealing real set elements, as well as actors and their all-terrain vehicle. There, a backdrop composed of 105 Samsung IFR25 tiles completes the attraction’s display system.

To power the 360° LED screen, four Modulo Player Pro media servers equipped with 4 x 4K outputs have been installed. The Modulo Pi media servers allow playing the film designed for the attraction, corresponding to video playback in a 21K resolution and 60 FPS.

The media servers are also responsible for the playback of the audio mix designed using L-ISA immersive sound technology.

A 120-seat dynamic motion theatre by Dynamic Attractions. The 11m diameter rotating platform has been designed to convey sensations of movement throughout the experience. It can evolve on three axes and turn up to 27km/h, lower itself by 20cm and rise up to 1m thanks to a system of motors and cylinders.

Creating the movie involved a greenscreen shoot and special effects. The creation and production was entrusted to François-Xavier Aubague, a Hollywood visual effects specialist.

To deal with such a massive circular LED wall and ensure a flawless movie playback across the 420 sq m screen. Tests were made on-site with AMD teams involved to ensure the video content is perfectly synced between servers.

Chasseurs de Tornades is an unparalleled attraction. Its story comes to life through actors, elements of décor, and an ambitious AV setup supporting the immersive experience.

Every element has been carefully thought through and created for the attraction: The movie, the music, the motion theatre surrounded by Europe’s largest circular LED wall, the immersive audio and video setup, and the special effects.

With no equivalent in the world, Chasseurs the Tornades is acclaimed by visitors and recognised by the amusement parks industry with multiple awards.