CAESARS FORUM Conference Centre

ProjectCAESARS FORUM Conference CentreLocationLas Vegas, NevadaManufacturersPharos Architectural Controls, UK. Spectrum Lighting, UK. Moda Light, UK. Signify, USAArchitectKGA Architecture (Lee Norsworthy and Chelsea Lavell), USALighting DesignerJon Langrell – John Levy Lighting Productions, USASubmitted byPharos Architectural Controls

The ever-evolving Las Vegas strip is world-renowned for its approach to building bigger, bolder, and brighter structures. The CAESARS FORUM conference centre is no exception, spanning a mammoth 550,000 sq. ft and boasting the two largest pillarless ballrooms in the world.
Conveniently located in the centre of the Las Vegas strip, CAESARS FORUM features 300,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting space. In addition to the pillarless ballrooms, each 110,000 sq. ft in size, there are a further two 40,000 sq. ft. ballrooms and six boardrooms. A dedicated outdoor event plaza connects CAESARS FORUM to three first class hotels with a total of 8,500 guest rooms – all within walking distance.
As part of the cutting-edge technology integrated into the new event space, CAESARS FORUM is home to the largest single installation of DMX controlled tuneable white lights. The Creston building control system installed and commissioned by NTA and Pulse features over 4,500 DMX lighting fixtures from leading manufacturers Spectrum Lighting Inc., Moda Light and Signify, with every single one of these fixtures capable of being individually controlled.
The sheer size and number of luminaires made the ability to control them a challenge. To deliver on the project’s requirements, the facility’s lighting has been divided into seven core Pharos DMX systems commanded by the main Crestron control system. With systems for each of the four ballrooms, pre-function spaces, boardrooms, and exteriors, this offers a high degree of individual fixture control or zoned group control. The ballroom’s flexible configurations adapt to the client’s needs, as does the lighting system.
This flexibility is key to the event space at CAESARS FORUM as it can be scaled up or down according to client needs. The two largest ballrooms can each be divided into 38 sections, while the two smaller ballrooms can be split into 22 sections. This is achieved using more than two miles of airwalls. Each small section can have up to 11 zones of light based on the room’s size and configuration. As rooms combine to make larger rooms, the system adapts to combine lighting zones into the user’s Crestron Control interface.

The specific and intricate level of lighting control supports the mission of CAESARS FORUM to deliver premiere experiences for guests. This relies on the latest in modern design, with seamless technology solutions, and the ability for events to be tailored in every way imaginable, even down to the lighting configurations, brightness, and colour temperature.
The main component of the Pharos control system is the award-winning, all-in-one LPC (Lighting Playback Controller). The LPC features individually controllable and independently running timelines and scenes, allowing for the build of dynamic, precise, and fully customisable pre-programmed lighting effects, as well as on-demand control of brightness and colour temperature for any individual zone.
Each of the four ballrooms uses a Pharos LPC X controller, which offers an unprecedented level of power and integration for landmark lighting installations, with a significant number of channels. The remaining pre-function spaces, conference rooms and exterior areas are controlled using Pharos LPC 2 controllers combined with multiple EDN 20 (Ethernet Data Node) DMX distribution units, offering scalable and cost-effective Ethernet-distributed DMX ports – ideal for large projects.
The technology of the lighting system, the advanced network and AV systems all came together because of a highly effective team of people. Technology Associates essentially acted as a team leader, bringing all the project elements together, including the installation and integration. The project ran smoothly because of their expert project management.
The market-leading Pharos LPC solution was the perfect fit to deliver the highest levels of control required at CAESARS FORUM. Lighting is a crucial part of a successful event, and lighting control is at the heart of that.
The appeal of CAESARS FORUM was confirmed even before its opening, with the conference centre announcing millions of dollars of business from pre-bookings alone. It is set to host a number of significant calendar events in 2022.