Ziggo Dome Arena

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Green Hippo

Ampco Flashlight Sales

Lighting / Visual Designer:
Tenfeet, Netherlands


Project Submitted By:
Green Hippo

Using Notch to create movable objects and multiple RGB lights in every scene – matched in real-time with the show lights in the arena – also controlled over ArtNet, Tenfeet put the Hippotizers in charge of outputting to the Barco S3-4K image processor, from where the signal travelled to the venue’s 32.5 x 13m hi-res LED main screen. A Hippotizer Amba acted as ZooKeeper, and as backup, receiving rendered clips from very scene via Notch. When it came to playback, Tenfeet relied solely on Hippotizer V4+ and Notch.

The goal here was a hyper-realistic street, down to even accurate architectural touches. Moreover, the show took the audience through a year’s four seasons and holidays, so the street scenes had to change in tandem with journey. Pre-show, Tenfeet experimented to ensure the most realistic look, tweaking Notch to shine with the maximum capabilities of its pair of Hippotizer Montane+ Media Servers. Both of the Montane+ Media Servers were rendering Notch Blocks and playing back the video content, and both the Hippotizers were controlled over ArtNet by a grandMA2 light.

Holland Zingt Hazes – Holland Sings Hazes – is a series of concerts that celebrates the life of Hazes and it continues to grow in size and ambition. The 2018 series-commissioned by Medialane and Sightline Productions– was held in Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome, and Tenfeet worked with the creative director Lars Gorter of Momental, to technically go where Green Hippo and Notch, as well as Tenfeet had never gone before.