The Vienna Volksoper, or People’s Opera, is Europe’s leading operetta house and Vienna’s largest theatre for opera, musicals, classical concerts and ballet. Indeed it offers one of the most diverse musical programs in the country, ranging from Carmen to Kiss Me Kate, and Coppelia to Cabaret, as well as productions for schools, lots of local operetta performances and much more.

The venue was also the first in Vienna to open its doors to the public after the summer break, but more importantly in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, with a performance of Strauss’s Die Fledermaus on 1st September followed by a revival of Cole Porter’s classic musical, Kiss Me Kate on 2nd September.

The system has to deliver everything from rock shows to opera sometimes on consecutive nights, leaving no time for major changes to the system for different events. To achieve this the audio comprises several systems in one, with different elements employed for different events.

As well as the main series of audio systems delivering the highest quality live performance sound, there are many additional loudspeakers installed for sound effects both in the auditorium and on stage. This can produce everything from explosions deep from the stage to more immersive effects surrounding the audience.

The several systems in one approach required a challenging sound design in order to deliver audio for the huge variety of shows.

Due to the tight rehearsal schedule and the opening date of the new season, the system had to be installed in a very short period of time.

It also had to fit in with the aesthetics of the venue, with many loudspeakers custom coloured and others flown in so they are out of view when not required.

The new audio system at Vienna Volksoper, delivers an audio system capably of coping with an extremely wide variety of shows staged in the venue.

It offers a no compromise approach to ensure audiences hear the highest quality audio, no matter what the genre.

Innovative approach to using over sixty sound effects loudspeakers on stage and in the auditorium as well as this system also being used to vary the acoustic of the room for different ambience.

Innovative use of the under floor heating void to house earth-moving sub bass loudspeakers to really envelop the audience.

First ever use of KV2s Control & Diagnostics Tool for remote system management and control.

Whilst the majority of equipment is permanently installed, the system also combines portable items for specific uses in some events. These items as designed to quickly integrate as needed.

Installed to a challenging timescale of just a few weeks, with the additional challenges of the pandemic.