HB-Laser has created, in cooperation with Pyramid Technologies, the largest permanent 3D video and laser mapping on the world’s tallest statue, ‘the Statue of Unity’ in India. Modern Laser and Video systems, as well as exact planning, were the start point for such an amazing permanent installation in India on the statue. It is the world’s largest use of high-performance projectors with a projection onto a gigantic statue.

The special effects used were laser mapping combined with 3D video mapping. By combining and synchronising these various multimedia elements together, the statue is able to tell the inspiring life story of the visionary Indian leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Pate in an engaging manner, whilst delivering a massive multi-sensory impact to spectators.

There were several factors that made this project challenging, including a long projection distance of over 600-metres and the distinctive bronze metallic projection surface with a very low gain.

The main challenge was the short time span for this project and the limited space for all the technology. The team only had two and a half months for the entire implementation of this project. They designed the whole space for the technical room and the cooling system and also housed the entire cooling system, the entire packaging and the 50 projectors in this small room.

They developed a specialised mirror system to produce the desired projection results, which were only constructed because there was no space. The projection was transformed from horizontal to portrait form by this mirror system.
The enclosure was built at a height of 51-metres from the river bed and the finished floor level for viewing was to be at 58-metres. The projection was to be done from seven-metres below access levels and the team didn’t have direct access to carry the equipment to the projection room enclosure below, since that area was still under construction. Therefore, to move even a single projector or rack, they deployed telescopic cranes which made the transportation of equipment extremely challenging.

The goal was to create something unique and ground-breaking that generates a big impact worldwide. The show has to be realised in a way that supports the Statue of Unity’s massive appearance and includes a balanced mix of audiovisual elements that resonate with audiences to deliver a highly memorable experience. The light and sound show has received enthusiastic resonances since its debut on October 31. Every evening, it attracts thousands of spectators eager to be enthralled by dynamic visuals and colourful lasers. We created the biggest 3D statue mapping in the world!