Based in the centre of the Dubai Design District, SKY2.0 is one of the latest luxury superclubs available in this vibrant locale. It was designed to provide nightclub guests a completely submersive experience. Given the unique architecture – it was designed to look like a classic UFO – it was a challenging and interesting venue, and it was critical the audio portion of the experience would deliver beyond guest expectations. The technology used in the SKY2.0 project was a integrated audio solution from Bose Professional. The final deliverable was an immersive audio experience to match the visual experience, no matter where guests were within SKY2.0.

It was important for the audio solution to be transparent in the aesthetic design of the club. In order to achieve this, while delivering a heart-pounding nightclub experience and not standout against the organic designs within the space, the system used a carefully designed mix of Bose Professional ShowMatch loudspeakers. The full system consisted of 24 ShowMatch array loudspeaker with DeltaQ technology distributed in four main clusters and backed up with eight RoomMatch RMS218 VLF-subwoofers to extend the low-frequency response; and 12 LT-Series loudspeakers featuring the Bose V2 Midrange Manifold, which sums the output of two 4.5-inch cone drivers to provide a smooth, natural vocal range response. The entire system is powered by six PowerSoft X8 amplifiers and managed using Bose Professional ControlSpace EX1280C. All audio signals go through a fully redundant Dante™ network. The result ensured no acoustic deadspots or reverb issues.

Managing bass was difficult given the circular layout, the open ceilings and the multilevel landscaping throughout, so the locations of bass were not standard locations and needed to be managed carefully to fill out the low frequency requirement. Bass was creatively integrated under the landscaping to manage a complete surround low frequency affect.

Tonality of the system was critical, and since the venue utilizes two major lines of Bose audio systems – ShowMatch loudspeakers and the LT-Series loudspeakers – it presented a complex opportunity to illustrate how these products could produce the power and experience SKY2.0 was after. This was managed through the development of custom programming on the ControlSpace EX1280C digital signal processors.

The opening of SKY2.0 was hotly anticipated, as the sister of the globally renowned SKY BAR based in Beirut, high expectations were set early on in anticipation of its grand opening. Every week the SKY2.0 team host up to 2,500 guests for three different signature parties, each offering huge productions, best-in-class audio visuals and magnificent performances from top international DJ’s. Consistent feedback from regular and guest DJs is they are very impressive by the sound quality and performance of the system.

The venue is a spectacular stand-alone structure, designed by French architect Michelle Sarfati, in collaboration with Sky Management CEO Chafic El Khazen and resembles a UFO that has been dropped into the desert. The semi-open dome internal structure, reveals in luminous outline various spiralling metal volutes. The dome’s interior is punctuated with hundreds of carefully placed projectors attached to the structure, inundating the site with light beams. There are no ceilings or walls: everything is articulated in a curve.

Even though this is a fixed installation, the venue needs to be able to bring down the sull system and returned to its original positioning. This is where the intuitive, overall design of the Bose Professional loudspeakers make it possible. The solution compliments the architecture and vibe of the venue, performs beyond expectations, and meets the annual maintenance requirements.

Sky Management CEO Chafic El Khazen extends some special praise to the Antaki team; ‘I would like to extend my appreciation for the amazing work done by Bose team on SKY 2.0 Project in Dubai. The endless hours that you have spent working on this project, and the professionalism that you have portrayed has impressed the entire team immensely, and we deem ourselves honoured to have had you lead the project.

The contribution and dedication of your team was one to be proud of knowing that the sound quality and performance is non-negotiable for me, I can vouch that Bose has delivered the best customer experience in our club.

We are looking forward for a bright future together in this project and the upcoming ones.”