Barcelona, Spain


Elation Professional


Visualsvisuals Event Technology

Lighting / Visual Designer:

Head of lighting: Magda Kozlowska; Head of visual contents: Eloi Costilludo; Technical Director: Xavier Prats; Sala Razzmatazz staff


Sala Razzmatazz

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One of Barcelona’s flagship night-time hotspots, Razzmatazz, continues to innovate in order to stay among the region’s top entertainment venues. A recent installation of Elation Professional Pixel Bars has added to the venue’s visual possibilities, whether for a live music performance or a night of clubbing.

A full lighting refurbishment of both concert room one and concert room two was undertaken with lighting fixtures suitable for a variety of concerts and also for DJ nights taking place weekly at both rooms. There was a desire by management to go for an all-LED installation with a reputable lighting manufacturer (Elation Professional) whose fixtures would be welcomed as part of any technical rider by the numerous international bands that play at this very well-known venue. There is great flexibility of different set-ups for visiting bands and performers. Also, with the installation of 48x Pixel Bar 40 and of 6x Cuepix Panel (that complement another 10x Cuepix Panel from a previous install), the team of resident and visitor VJS (using Resolume Arena software) have even more flexibility to create unique looks.

48x Pixel Bar 40

4x Pixel Net 4

6x Cuepix Panel

6x Rayzor Q12 Zoom

20x SixPar 200

4x Protron 3K

1x eNode 4

2x Opto Branch 8/3

As a music venue well-known across Europe, Razzmatazz has a long tradition as the go-to venue in Barcelona for live rock and indie music and for electronic music DJs and the comprehensive and all-LED lighting refurbishment has raised the bar and made it even more attractive for visiting artists and audiences.