Privilege Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain

Prolyte Group

Unlimited Rental

Project Submitted By:
Prolyte Group

In order to create sufficient structural support for the Resistance Ibiza shows, Unlimited Rental installed a mother grid of Prolyte BGR70 truss in Privilege Ibiza nightclub.

Moving structures, designed and delivered by Vision Lite, were designed as centre piece for the audience, equipped with integrated lights, LED screens and multi-media effects.

“These 10 frames needed to be supported, so the biggest challenge for the team was to adapt the permanent venue to handle the 6,5 tonnes of dynamic loads, generated by these moving pods” stated Adam Gaca, Vision Lite’s Production Director. Next to the 6.5 tonnes weight of the moving pods, the lights and sound equipment generated a total weight of 12 tonnes. In six total spans of 25 meter BGR70 truss were used for the complete grid.

“We used Prolyte BGR70 truss as main beam and H30V truss as pre-rigged trusses to handle the dynamic loads. Further BGR70 truss was used to create a main mother rig,” added Adam.

All in all, over 150 metre BGR70 truss was used to make the Resistance production possible in this venue. “It’s with these kinds of projects in mind that we co-created the BGR70 truss together with Prolyte” comments Willem Loos, “Both Prolyte Group and Unlimited have provided BGR70 truss for several large outdoor festivals, as well as support structures for concerts, like the Rolling Stones and the truss already has proven its worth.”