Optus Stadium

Perth, Australia


NEXO SA, France


Group Technology Ltd, Australia


Cox Architecture, Australia


Marshall Day Acoustics, Australia


Rutledge AV, Australia

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Nearly 500 NEXO loudspeaker cabinets, line array and point-source, have been installed in the prestigious Optus Stadium in Perth, Western Australia, in a state-of-the-art AV system, delivered by Australia’s number one AV systems integrator, Rutledge AV. A 3-year design process included extensive evaluation of loudspeaker systems, with Group Technologies finally winning the contract with its NEXO solution.

The Optus Stadium is ranked as the third largest in Australia; home to two Australian League (AFL) teams, the venue hosts numerous international events in different sports, as well as high-profile live concerts. With over 1000 permanent loudspeakers in place throughout the stadium, controlled with a digital management system, it is considered the largest sound system in the country.

Rutledge AV chose NEXO sound reinforcement equipment to create a PA system that would deliver an ambitious 0.6 STi or above for the entire stadium seating area, referred to as the Main Bowl PA. Additionally, a nominal SPL of 102dB (±3dB) for all the 60,000-seated visitors was stipulated.

Based on three main criteria – capability, price and performance – Rutledge AV set about evaluating five loudspeaker systems. “Networking abilities, service support and rigging hardware capabilities were other paramount factors in making our decision,” says Elijah Steele, Rutledge Project Manager. “From the outset, NEXO was the clear winner for a variety of factors and, over the course of the project, the manufacturer proved themselves as great partners providing support whenever we required it. We’ve worked with their distributor, Group Technologies, many times before and knew we could fully rely on their support.”

Eighteen arrays, each combining 12x GEO S12 line array elements together with 3x LS18 18-inch sub bass cabinets, were installed to provide the bulk of the stadium’s SPL punch. Largely dictated by simulations using NEXO’s proprietary NS-1 modelling software, the special GEO S1210 and S1230 modules provide long-throw capabilities to ensure even coverage down to the pitchside seating areas. Vertical and horizontal control is further enhanced by the incorporation of the GEO S12’s Hyperbolic Reflective Wavesource, while a Directivity Phase Device extends coherency below normal LF-HF coupling limits. The presence of three additional LS18 sub bass units within each array extends the LF response to 32Hz at –6dB.

A specialised metalwork shop created customised array casings for the 18x IP65-rated weatherised arrays. “We also integrated a customised mobile dolly that permanently lives on the roof gantry. It can then lower the line arrays from the catwalk to L1 for periodical servicing, cleaning and maintenance.”