The all new 2021 HIFI Analog SBS Slammer R.T Series AKA Ref Terrain outdoors is a weather resistant system by SBS Designs that is a hand made custom four ground stack system with four centre channel SL40 single 18 sub-bass horns and does not use any limiters or compressors.

This new Design is the 1st of its kind by SBS Slammer to be offered in a fixed permanent installation for outdoor use with weather resistant paint and drivers.

With this unique application at Nowadays a hand made and hand welded SBS Designs RT Series Tray had to be designed to raise the stacks slightly for the natural water flow egress in the yard to get to plants and trees without blockage and for years of longevity of the Slammer Stacks. This hand made tray is also designed to eliminate the loudspeakers from sitting in water from rain or snow, which will deteriorate the wood over the years. With the RT Series Tray this allows the Stacks to be bolted down by lag bolts to keep it in place and security.

New for 2021 is the SBS Slammer SL-40 Single 18 in sub-bass horns, RT-315 Trapezoid Front loaded Mid-Bass horns with a very unique tuning design, and for the mid high and top end the RT-212 is a three-way front loaded horn with a single 12 in Low-Mid, a two in exit mid high and two super high drivers

The RT Series is designed with the 15s, 12s, and two in exit horn drivers all to be physically and mechanically in line, for true time alignment, so no processing is needed for time alignment for the best fidelity.

The RT Series SBS Slammer had to be designed to hold up to weather here in the North East, between the sun deteriorating the finish in the yard in the summer. To do this an extra thick textured outdoor paint had to be used for protection to the wood which is def hard to work with, and it had to also match the colour choice in the yard.

It also had to be designed with all weather climates in mind, rain, snow, sleet and high winds, so it had to be secured to protect the system and property.

The SBS Slammer RT Series also had to be designed to be streamlined fall back when not in use, floor space was a major subject we had to consider also.

So the SBS Slammer RT Series for the yard could not be designed to be very wide like traditional stacks typically are and not be visually intimidating when daytime/evening hours of operation for the restaurant, we did not want to make guests feel like they’re sitting/eating on a dance floor at a club.

The design had to offer a lot of space for people navigating around the yard during normal and party hours with no flow disturbance.

Nowadays in Ridgewood Queens is a Multi functional business so the sound had to be designed for all use, from movies during the week, to Video music concerts and DJ parties for Mister Sunday with Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter who are Audiophiles. So the RT Series had to be a very balanced and high fidelity sound system that is very musical and focussed with a lot of intelligibility. You could play anything on it without it favouring one style of music over another AND have the horsepower to operate with a lot of headroom for 1,000+ people dancing outside at a Mister Sunday party. Usually you have walls ceiling and a wood floor to couple to, and keep the sound with intense pressure, but working outdoors this is not the case so it really had to be thought out well to achieve this.

All this had to be achieved, and make sure the coverage was even balanced and felt the sound anywhere in an outdoor application you dance on the floor, without disturbing the nature of the yard limiting water flow from heavy rain to the plants trees and grass using a Stack design, which was another reason the RT Series had to sit raised a bit, for water flow through the yard.

This project is a unique design with a 100% custom and HIFI with the finest products available without short-changing amplifier quality and processing, its top shelf all the way through. The RT Series is designed as a permanent install to offer the clients at Nowadays the finest experience to dance daytime and under the stars enjoying music, people, nature and high fidelity sound.

To my knowledge, there has never been an outdoor fixed installation of this magnitude totally hand made that has been offered before, systems of this nature by SBS Designs have typically been made for inside a club, and to go this far with a design ESP in NYC Area in Queens NY which is a first with this effort by Nowadays and SBS Designs.