Lord’s Cricket Ground

London, UK

Powersoft Italy

CUK Audio

Roland Hemming of RH Consulting, UK

RG Jones, UK

Project Submitted By:

Full replacement of the audio networking, signal processing and amplification, to a state-of-the-art system with powerful, DSP-routed, Powersoft amplification at its heart, catering for over 800 speakers disseminated across the site and ensure a reliable and pristine sound experience. Powersoft’s Ottocanali 8K4 DSP+D amplifiers were able to cater for all requirements.

From the onset, we knew that the consultant was presenting us with a challenge that would put our dedicated installation amplifiers to the test.

The drastic requirements such as power and rack space savings, remote control, monitoring, life safety functions and digital audio networking combined with the full deployment of the onboard DSP power made this a landmark project for Powersoft.

A conventional stadium audio system, it serves three main purposes: to route commentary and music to the spectators, to service the needs of the hospitality areas and events, and most importantly to act as one voice alarm system for use in an emergency. However, the variance in cricket match style – from calm and sedate matches with a small audience, to DJ-fuelled, packed stadiums of T20 – calls for a system that can cope with different scenarios, much more than a football stadium, for example.

Powersoft won the bid for amplifier replacement based on a number of factors – power, reliability and flexibility were high on the list, but its standards of excellence in power-saving and its approach to ‘green’ issues within the products and manufacturing processes also greatly influenced the decision. Powersoft amplifiers deliver the best power to size ratio available, using technologies such as PFC Switch Mode Power Supply to utilise all the power drawn to produce fewer CO2 emissions as well as cooler operation.

While different loudspeakers were chosen to meet the specific needs of each area, just one standard Powersoft amplifier model met the needs of the entire site.

The efficiency of the Powersoft Ottocanali 8K4 DSP+D translates into time as well as cost saving. The seamless integration of the Ottocanali facilitated by Powersoft’s AE-67 Dante plug-ins, into the digital Q-Lan architecture comprised of two QSC DSP cores running in redundant mode was very useful.

The Powersoft plug-ins themselves also helped a lot with the integration. It was custom code that didn’t have to be written and all the Powersoft amplifiers came up automatically within Q-Sys. Lord’s is at the edge of complexity in terms of audio networking.

We are very proud to see that our Ottocanali amps are able to deliver in such a highly demanding installation, while providing enough flexibility for future expansion. The teams at Lord’s Cricket Ground, RG Jones and RH Consulting perfectly demonstrated the ease of integration of our DSP and Dante enabled fixed install amplifiers.