With more than 200 events a year, including folk and world music, dance and new circus, pop and rock, jazz, chamber and orchestral performances, drama and comedy, the Konserthus of Västerås in Sweden is a buzzing cultural centre for its community. Its principal venue is The Great Hall, with its capacity for 900, and two wraparound balconies seating 215 and 125 people respectively.

Using a system design from the Bright Group, the Konserthus has completed the installation of the largest NEXO STM Series modular line array in Sweden. The most visible part of the system are the L/R arrays of the STM Series main PA, comprising 14x M28 modules with 90 degree dispersion, and a single M28/120 degrees. The arrays are throwing approximately 22 metres to the back of the hall, as well as covering the two balconies which wrap around the hall. The system uses NEXO’s new MSUB18 cabinet for subbass, flying 3 a side, and groundstacking another 3 a side. Although there are no boxes, even the abilities of the STM M28 couldn’t quite cover the front seats of the balcony, nearest the stage, so NEXO ID24 compact speakers have been deployed in strategic positions for fill here.

Everything is powered by 8x NXAMP4x4 controller/amplifiers, plus 2x NXAMP4x1Mk2s, all of which are fitted with NXDT104 Dante cards for network management. Having a second NXAMP4x1Mk2 enables the system to be divided to Left and Right, and into three sections: second balcony, first balcony, and the stalls.

The Bright design for the Konserthus draws in other models from the NEXO portfolio such as the compact GEO M6 line array, six modules of which are used for side fill, and the super-compact ID24 point-source cabinets which are used for frontfill as well as balcony fill.

The system has been designed to provide clear coverage throughout the whole venue, meeting all the needs of a concert hall. It has the clarity needed for classical music, and the power to cover the heaviest of rock bands.

“The biggest improvement by far is on our second balcony,” says sound tech Mathias Andersson. “We really struggled with these seats before, and now they are on a par with the rest of the hall. As a whole, we see a great improvement in the spectral balance in the whole room. This is a great step up for the hall, and I think it will be hard for a touring rig to match what we have now.”

The system design uses NEXO’s new MSUB18 cabinet for subbass, flying 3 a side, and groundstacking another 3 a side, enabling the theatre to fly all six subs a side if required. “There are several reasons for this arrangement,” explains Andersson. “One is practical: we often do concerts with bands and full orchestra, where the need for extended subbass is limited, as well as the physical space. In these situations, the flown subs are sufficient. On the other hand, when working with acts with a greater need for a really good low extension, the floor subs give the extra punch we need, thanks to the room coupling.”

The Bright Group has cleverly shopped the NEXO product catalogue to choose loudspeaker models that perfectly match the application, from the powerful STM M28 main PA arrays to the super-compact ID24s which provide a discreet fill. The system designers have been able to take advantage of NEXO’s cabinet voicing, which encourages mix-and-match between different loudspeaker ranges. This is a precisely designed system, with no waste because nothing is overspecified. Coverage and evenness of audio distribution were the main objectives, and with the Bright Group installation, everyone is agreed that the sonic experience is now identical from first row to last row.