LDC has designed Helsinki Outlet’s lighting concept and appearance, which Tapio Järvinen from Audico has translated into a technically feasible package. It consists of more than 550 custom made lighting elements by Schnick-Schnack-Systems which are facing the facade. The RGB pixels are controlled individually by Pharos Architectural Controls.

Lighting Design Collective’s Jari Vuorinen said that Helsinki Outlet’s basic lighting is designed to guide the customer path and support the outlet’s logo theme. “The client wanted a tool for indirect communication and marketing. Helsinki Outlet did not want video screens or other traditional audiovisual communications, but we were asked if we would come up with something that would drive the same thing in a new way”. The end result is a light art work called Moment Magnet.

“A project is more efficient and sensible when the Lighting Designer involves a technical partner in the design at an early stage. In this way, the installation and technical aspects are always kept in mind and the result is in accordance with the plan, and not just some kind of technically possible version of the artistic idea,” Tapio pointed out. Tapio and LDC have a long history of collaboration.

In general, the magic of Helsinki Outlet’s lighting is in the details, thinks Tapio: “It’s not just steady light, but contrasts. Round wedges of light are projected to direct the gaze’s attention to beautiful things like plantings.”