Recognised around the world as one of the most famous clubs in Europe, GOTHA in Cannes is considered an institution based on a magical discotheque equipped with the latest technologies. GOTHA offers its clientele a unique experience with the greatest DJ performances, refined extravagance cocktails, VIP service and a state-of-the-art PA system that shakes clubbers to their core on the dancefloor, as they are mesmerised by the iconic LED rings flown above the central DJ booth.

The GOTHA design was inspired by the ‘30s ‘Les Années Folles’ era when secret parties took place in decadent locations. GOTHA’s different brass patterns and velvet furniture is a look that denotes luxury. Opening at 12.30am GOTHA attracts some customers from neighbouring Medusa, but of course, it welcomes an army of revelers simply based upon its brand name, too. Each venue was designed to have its own identity to keep the crowds flocking in time and time again. With GOTHA being such a prestigious club, it certainly had a reputation to uphold.

Colorsonic Managing Director, Gerard Giraudon and Samy Chams, owner and founder of Prospect Design worked in partnership for GOTHA, and the project was 18 months in the planning. Its semi-circular appearance didn’t make the design easy, and Gerard advised that more than 1,000 drawings were produced to achieve the final setup. Built from scratch, but within the original structure, there were some architectural limits, specifically where a PA system could be flown. It was equally important that the overall aesthetics were not interrupted and that other residents in the building were not disturbed.

Likened to Jimmy’z in Monaco – a project also completed by Gerard and Samy – in terms of exclusive clientele, once again the technology installed had to be nothing but the best. GOTHA is after all, now the biggest TW AUDiO install in the area, so it’s a flagship project for the German manufacturer, too. Gerard said: “To use a French phrase, it’s a ‘human-sized’ company that I love working with. We get great support from TW AUDiO when we need it. Its products are a combination of what we’ve been used to working with over the years, but with the advantages of new technology.”

The main dancefloor PA comprises clusters of TW AUDiO’s T24N loudspeakers. “I like these loudspeakers, I have used them many times before – in Jimmy’z most recently,” Gerard continued. “It’s a great point source cabinet.”

The T24Ns operate in conjunction with five subwoofers under the DJ stage – four TW AUDiO B21i bass enclosures and one TW AUDiO BSX in the centre for infra bass. The B21i single 21-inch subwoofer, a product that was specifically designed for this project. Bernhard said of the bass enclosure: “Good things take time, but patience has made a perfect product. No two clubs are the same, but the introduction of this customised subwoofer has really made this a unique venue for us.”

Asked about the difference between the two subwoofers, Gerard said: “The centre one produces a drier bass, while the others are for the low-end. Even though we have combined different models it still operates as one source.” The dancefloor system can achieve 126dB peak SPL for those who want to truly feel the energy of the system.

For clubbers who still want to be part of the mix, but not centrally, the seating areas wrap around the dancefloor, and are looked after by a ring of TW AUDiO T20i loudspeakers. The same models are also used in the adjacent bar area, that is still part of the main room, but again offers a slightly different atmosphere.

Behind the DJ booth are the VIP and VVIP areas, and the latter has its own personal PA, to guarantee the most elite customers are treated to the best of the best at GOTHA. More T20i loudspeakers are utilised alongside more T24Ns and two T30i cabinets and four C12’s.

Low-end aside from the dancefloor is covered by a combination on B14i subwoofers – having been used next door to spectacular effect, it was a no-brainer to use them again – as well as B141’s, B30i’s, B18i’s and B17i’s. “The difficulty was to cover the entire space, due to the layout and the size of the venue, there are some shadows. We had to ensure everywhere was covered,” Bernhard said.

“There are a number of zones, but all areas are covered harmoniously, added Gerard. “TW AUDiO has a great product range, meaning we could select what we needed for this project – they really have a complete range.” Acoustic treatment on the ceiling and textured walls also assisted Gerard’s final vision, and together his dream plans were transformed into a reality.

Amplification at GOTHA replicates its sibling next door with a selection of Powersoft X4 DSP amplifiers to drive the PA. The four-channel amplifiers feature a built-in digital audio signal management system based on ARM Cortex A-8 processor and TI C6000 DSP platform, leading the way for an innovative level of signal processing, so yet again ticking the cutting-edge box that GOTHA craves. Another Yamaha QL1 digital mixer is also in place at the club.

Aside from the impressive audio configuration, the central DJ booth is very much a visual focal point, as three 3D LED rings are suspended above it. Motorised so the rings can move up and down, as well as tilt, are built by Zhejiang DGX Electronic Technology and provide the club with dynamic animation across the entire space, since the rings offer a three-sided view. A unique design feature that was implemented at GOTHA, after taking inspiration for the circular structure from OMNIA club in Las Vegas.

Further LED screens for the front of the DJ booth, the pillar facades and two external promotional screens were also supplied by DGX, a Chinese manufacturer that Gerard describes as having a lot of innovative ideas. All the screens are controlled using a Resolume software package running on a PC.

It’s the job of Lighting Operator, Cristobal Bachler Klein to take charge of the video content. He is also responsible for the intelligent fixtures, which at GOTHA includes more than 100 Briteq moving heads, strobes, projectors and blinders. For control of these, Cristobal utilises an MA Lighting MA onPC command wing, as well as another Sunlite FC+ interface.

With all of the technological aspects at GOTHA, in combination with the equally exuberant interiors and the five-star status the brand name has acquired, it is very easy to see how popular a destination the Palm Beach Resort actually is.