In the wake of the unmitigated success that is G Livelab Helsinki, the Finnish Musicians’ Union has opened a brand new – and bigger – venue in the vibrant city of Tampere, some 200km north of the Finnish capital. The same team was deployed to realise the Tampere project, which is built according to the same ‘music first’ philosophy as Helsinki. The result is an extraordinary live music experience based on quality programming, modern design, and state-of-the-art Genelec audio systems including the ground-breaking new 4430 Smart IP loudspeaker.

Housed in a striking red brick building which was formerly the boiler house of the Frenckell paper mill in the heart of the city, the venue hosts up to 250 people and offers a hugely varied programme including jazz, folk, world music, pop/rock, chamber music, electronic music and more. Akukon Oy designed the acoustics, electroacoustics, lighting, sound, video, communication systems and basic IT structure as well as the rigging systems, as they did for Helsinki, and leading Nordic audiovisual integrator, Bright – another key member of the Helsinki team – brought Akukon’s vision to life.

With the ability to completely configure the system at any time. the fully networked system can reconfigure loudspeakers to act as delays, surround sound, background music or to become part of the virtual acoustics system. The sound and the acoustic environment can be tailored for every performance. The system is a completely no compromise approach to offer the highest quality audio reproduction.

It is simply the highest quality live performance audio system in the world. Deploying a level of audio quality normally reserved for recoding studios. Never has such high quality live audio been delivered to an audience. Furthermore the system is fully networked taking advantage of the quality and flexibility and audio over IP solution offers.

You get completely faithful reproduction of the audio and the system is designed to work across all genres of music. The care in the design and commissioning of the system to achieve this, demonstrates a level of detail that is rarely seen in installations. This is coupled with the use of extremely high quality loudspeakers.

The versatility of systems and spaces was a key element of the design. The venue needs to be multi-purpose and the system enables the engineers to facilitate changes quickly and easily, for optimum utilisation, functionality and quick return on investment

G Livelab Tampere is the highest quality and most flexible concert audio system anywhere.