The original design created by our company proposes a new way of giving life and movement to light. It provides a vibrant and cutting-edge nightlife experience in the Southeast Asian region.

We set the trend with a 13×17 rectangular grid of three-pixels-deep sticks to create an innovative three-dimensional, low-resolution, ‘analog-digital’ look and feel. This effect is highlighted by the mirrors located at the top of each of them. We celebrate that the client was open to our idea of using an alternative backdrop for the DJ; something that is more oriented to be a light-art piece in order to break the traditional array of LED screens that is commonly used in these kinds of spaces. The kinetic frames located on the sides and the ceiling form a unique array. They provide the space with the perfect dynamism to generate a complete atmosphere that adapts to the music as well as the events that are held in the venue.

Our biggest challenge has been working times. We always met our times but sometimes due to external factors, work times had been altered and we were forced to make an extra effort to finish the project within the deadline that the client had assigned us or that we had assigned –no matter how much it had changed.

Commas is one of the first projects in which lighting defines the architecture. It was a pleasant surprise to see how the light leads the architectural structures. We bet on something different. We bet on a light-art bespoke piece behind the DJ and not a simple LED screen. In all of its context, this project has a special singularity.