The Wave is a highly innovative 130 sq metre LED display in the shape of a wave that leads the cinema’s guests from the open entrance directly into the lobby. For this state-of-the-art installation, flexible, ultra-slim, energy efficient LED panels were used. They allow the full spectrum of convex and concave display solutions, designed to make seamless and smooth nature curves and extraordinary designs. The slim and lightweight magnetic modules can be stuck to customised frames and fit any construction design. The 2,850 LED display elements offer a pixel pitch of 3.81, the highest resolution of flexible LED displays on the market. With impressive dimensions of 4.75 x 27.45-metres and a weight of 4,550 kg in total, the display is mounted on 42 suspension points.

A total of six display control units are built into the equipment rack and also a KVM monitor is located in the equipment rack, on which the system can be accessed via a so-called X-Panel (user interface). The installation is designed for fully automatic operation. Individual operation and settings can be made by trained personnel in the control room.

Today, the parameters for successful (brand) experiences are the creation of an ambience tailored to the target group, coupled with a high degree of flexibility and a wide range of possibilities for use. Architecture as an identification space is gaining in importance worldwide. And this is exactly where Cineplexx wanted to pick up – the excitement and awakening of interest that leaves you wanting to see more.

With the goal of creating an extraordinary display area of international stature and thereby providing customers with a special overall experience, the biggest challenge was already given – to create an element that does not come off the shelf but to offer a customised LED solution in impressive dimensions of 27.45 x 4.75-metres.

An important factor when realising a project of this scale is of course – safety. “The Wave” is a hanging object which had to be mounted safely. Therefore, statics had to be calculated, the weight of the whole system had to be evaluated and in cooperation with Kraftwerk Living Technologies, the client had to provide correctly placed suspension points.

From a content point of view, the challenge of providing it in a very special format was definitely given: on the one hand unmistakable and unique, on the other hand fitting into Cineplexx brand communication. Even more complex was the task of connecting the gigantic LED display area to the existing digital signage platform used in all Cineplexx cinemas. This was possible through the development of a completely new system.

Due to the special sized display area, custom content in form of templates had to be provided first, which was in Responsive Spaces’ responsibility. Anyway, the space was of course not only intended as a nice looking eye catcher, but should also offer the possibility of integrating various content in 16:9 areas. The goal was to give Cineplexx’ editorial team the ability to provide “The Wave” for playback of trailers and digital posters without having to deviate from their usual workflows or even learn a new system.

Digital communication in shopping centres, retail areas and foyers is pretty much expected by visitors nowadays. Conventional display solutions no longer meet the high expectations of our society, and are in danger of losing out to the competition for attention.

“The Wave” is a flagship project in Austria. As an integrated part of the architecture, the aesthetic design, the seamless integration, communication, experience and entertainment are in the foreground. It generates attention, amazement and memory in a unique and sustainable way.

Talking about sustainability: With every media technology solution, we strive to create an experience that is built to last a long time with the minimum of maintenance effort, as well as to use energy-efficient technology. The show control system is programmed to automatically run the LED wave and to turn everything off when the cinema is closed. The brightness of the display reacts efficiently to adjust to the changing ambient light. To achieve optimised energy and to manage power consumption, even the content was designed to avoid using extremely bright colours like white.

It was important for Cineplexx to get an impressive digital area that would fit seamlessly into the overall brand image and would not require significant additional effort internally to continuously update the content. The result even exceeded our client’s expectations.