Bali, Indonesia

K-mote Kreative Production, Indonesia / MADRIX, Germany

K-mote Kreative Production, Indonesia / BENLED Shenzhen / Audio Light Asia Pte Ltd Singapore

Lighting / Visual Designer:
K-mote Kreative Production, Indonesia

K-mote Kreative Production, Indonesia

Project Submitted By:
K-mote Kreative Production / MADRIX

BOSHE VVIP Club Bali was the first club in Indonesia using MADRIX in 2012. The original setup at the time only included LED tubes and strips on the ceiling. Now, the owner wanted to enhance and redefine the atmosphere with the latest trends in lighting effects. K-mote was also assigned to work on the existing architectural structure to cover all visible space in the main area with LED lighting, including the entrance tunnel. The lighting effects should be virtually unlimited, yet preprogrammed to accommodate a wide range of occasions, including day-to-day business and special events, such as live music or invited DJs. As such, he requested that all lighting fixtures should be upgraded and the control system to be updated to MADRIX 5.

The result is nothing less than an LED spectacle.

In order to cover the 750 square metres with over 24,000 LED pixels, we completely custom-built the lighting fixtures and underlying structures with our portfolio of professional tools. The main fixtures are custom steel panels of one by one metre that include SPI-based LED strips along the edges and five x five dome-shaped LED spots each. On the walls, we applied our own custom-made aluminium profiles tailored to the specific needs of the club. We also customised the connectors for the specific connection requirements throughout the installation.

Now, everything from the walls to ceilings are covered in LEDs and pixel mapped making spectacular lighting effects possible. 12 Art-Net controllers receive the network lighting data from the MADRIX 5 Software with a MADRIX 5 KEY ultimate license. It absolutely is an immersive, all-encompassing experience.

The owner rescheduled the anniversary party and set it two weeks earlier than the original date. This meant that we had to complete the project in less than 30 days, with limited time each day. The club was still open every night during the installation process. Therefore, we only had around six to eight hours per day while everything had to be clean again each night. Our to-do list included major items, such as removing all previously included lighting fixtures and cables, assembling the steel-frame structures, assembling the panels including CNC-cutting over 7,000 holes, custom-building the aluminium profiles, customising three types of LED connections, wiring power and data throughout the whole installation on site, installing the frames on site, patching and programming, and the final finish. To overcome these challenges, we created four teams with two members each and we made a detailed daily schedule to work with and were ready within 26 days. Apart from that, the client wanted us to produce a music track by our own and match it with the visual effects for the light show at the anniversary party.

We did not only replace the previous lighting, but successfully created an even larger, better, and greater installation using the powerful new MADRIX 5 system combined with our own custom concept for BOSHE VVIP Club Bali. For us, it is the ultimate visual lighting with unlimited visual imagination.