The impressive ship is the result of dreams, but also of thorough market research, says Eric van der Zwaluw, managing director of Constant in Beweging. “We saw that there was room for improvement, especially at the top end of the business market.”

The Constant in Beweging team combined 30 years of experience and know- how into a unique concept that mainly focuses on the experience. “For example, we wanted everything to feel spacious and open. Thus, the ceilings are 30 centimetres higher than average and a connection is made between all decks. The design had to be grand, yet intimate and atmospheric. Quality was paramount in all the choices we made. Ultimately, it’s all about creating a wow moment and ensuring that heads turn when the ship passes.”

After a few years of preparation and research, the construction of the ship began in 2018. The hull was built in Serbia and then towed to the Netherlands. The design and finishing was taken care of at the Teamco yard in Heusden. Van der Zwaluw emphasised that a total concept was taken into account during development. “Because we keep everything in-house, we also ensure that the quality that we offer is of a high level. In addition to all nautical functions and catering, this certainly also applies to the technique. We want to offer our clients a total package, with no additional surprise costs added later on.” Plug & Play was also part of the Fairlight challenge. In terms of technical facilities, the ship had to be equipped with rider-friendly products that can be used flexibly. This way, ninety percent of the events can be performed without the need for additional technology. Van der Zwaluw: “It was good to see that one of our first events with a large number of artists and bands went smoothly. And with all technology on board, there’s no need to take construction and dismantling times into account.

In terms of sound, L-Acoustics was chosen. Project manager Pascal Arts explains: “The space on a ship is limited, which makes the compact Syva ideal for this location. Supplemented with X8 and 5XT cabinets as a delay, the two large decks are fully covered. ”With a BSS control, it is easy to switch between the various halls and configurations. In addition to a mix of Martin Professional profiles and washes, the lighting plan is also a real eye-catcher. 60 Martin VCGrid panels are mounted above the dance floor to display video content on the ceiling. The unique Minuit-Une IVL lighting effects complete the picture. All video screens, including the LED screen at the entrance, are controlled with an RGBlink X3 processor. Multifunctionality is the starting point.

Flexibility was required from the Fairlight team during the installation. “The stage design was adapted a few times to achieve optimum lines of sight. During the installation, the time pressure increased considerably. I can only say that Fairlight has been very helpful and has progressed well.” said van der Zwaluw. “Fairlight can reflect with pride on the entire process.” At the start of December, the location received international recognition. During the Best Event Awards World in Milan, Blue Rhapsody won the Best Location Award in the Celebration/Product Launch Venue category. “I am very happy and proud to win one of the most important prizes in the industry. It not only rewards Blue Rhapsody as a location but also our crew on board who made our special mission possible with blood, sweat and tears”, said van der Zwaluw.

The Blue Rhapsody is the new, sailing event location in the fleet of Constant in Beweging. With a length of no less than 85 meters, there is room for 600 guests in a luxurious and elegant environment. Fairlight supplied and installed the entire audiovisual setup.