Semarang, Indonesia


Lights Professional, Indonesia / MADRIX, Germany


NewVision Technology, Taiwan


Bumi Wiratama, Indonesia

Lighting / Visual Designer:

Hanny Harijanto, Lights Professional, Indonesia


Bumi Wiratama, Indonesia


Hanny Harijanto, Lights Professional, Indonesia

Project Submitted By:

Lights Professional / MADRIX

After 13 years in business, Entertainment Plaza, as the venue used to be called, was up for renovation, in fact, a complete makeover was necessary. Merely four moving heads and a one-metre mirror ball were simply not enough anymore, the venue had to become much more appealing. Under new management, the new owner and lighting designer Hanny Harijanto went out to see the behaviour of partygoers and what other clubs offered in the dynamic city of Semarang on Java. Still, time was of the essence, a grace period of only two months was granted before the grand re-opening.

The new name suggests what was about to happen, with 16-metres by 16-metres, the venue is perfectly square-shaped: a perfect room. In addition and since a creative concept was needed quickly, the idea was born to paint it entirely black: Blackroom. The colour was deliberately chosen, it would enhance the lighting design, bring out the colours, and make them dominate the room.

Since the venue is a square, this concept was transformed into reflective 3D light cubes on the ceiling for the main lighting design. Customized 2.7-cm LED pixels with milky covers and a rock-solid MADRIX lighting control system were the key to make this happen.

With strong 3D effects, soft colours and lighting reflections that gradually bounce off from the black panels, the new owner couldn’t be happier with this unique design. We only had ten days to finish the installation and to set up all the lights. Hence, time was critical.

Blackroom really became a trendsetter in the city of Semarang, personally, as a lighting designer, I’m falling in love with this stunning 3D cube effect again and again. It was amazing to blend the colours as the reflections of the LEDs onto the black matte panels create extraordinary effects – it almost becomes a work of art.