London, UK


d&b audiotechnik, K-Array, QSC, L-Acoustics, Exterity, Samsung, DiGiCo, Shure, Sennheiser, Chauvet

Lighting / Visual Designer:

Emma Bigg of Octavius RE , UK

Marquee AV, UK

Project Submitted By:

Octavius RE



The brief was to deliver a discreet, comprehensive, event orientated solution with venue wide connectivity, high-end audio performance and flexible operation. The design comprises a distributed, zoned audio solution and distributed terrestrial TV, Sky and video, all of which can be controlled simply and easily using touch panel interfaces in each room. The ability for each space to be linked together or run independently was also imperative, so Octavius RE implemented a single overarching control solution and included ample connectivity so the venue can host live production gigs in The Nightclub and The Garden Terrace.

It was essential the audiovisual elements should not distract from the interior design so compact d&b audiotechnik 5S loudspeakers are complemented by K-Array KU26 slim-line sub speakers in The Mexican, and this sets the precedence for many of the other rooms, too. The two-way passive 5S offers a symmetrical dispersion pattern in the horizontal and vertical planes, meaning its mounting options are flexible, without effecting performance. The subwoofers sit snugly beneath the furniture and add warmth and depth to the system. The Mexican mostly operates as a restaurant and a place for business meetings, however, at the weekends a DJ often sets up to entertain the evening guests. The Mexican has multiple AV input points to support its different uses and a Q-Sys TSC-47W control panel, provides simple and intuitive control for the room, thanks to in-built presets.

A simple setup of d&b audiotechnik 5S loudspeakers provide ample coverage for the ladies rest room space – and of course, those are pink, too!

d&b audiotechnik features again in The Elephant Room, but here 16C column loudspeakers are used,. Once again, they are colour matched and complemented by K-Array KU26 subwoofers that have been permanently installed, hidden behind the sofas. This room often needs to amp up the energy levels so the venue has the option to deploy two d&b audiotecknik 12S sub speakers for when they need that extra bass

Internally, there are d&b audiotechnik 16C columns and K-Array KU26 subwoofers, the columns, once again housed in the corners of the rooms and colour matched to be as discreet as possible, and the subwoofers hidden behind furniture.

 As far as processing and amplification goes for Annabel’s, a QSC Q-SYS Core 510i digital engine supported by a raft of network peripherals such as IO Frames and Flex 8s does all hard work. d&b audiotechnik D10, L-Acoustics’ LA4Xs and Crown DCi Series amplifiers deliver the power throughout the venue.

For live band performances in The Nightclub, Emma included a DiGiCo SD11 with SD-Mini Rack in the inventory L-Acoustics 108P and 112P powered monitors can also be utilised for live performance, as can a full complement of microphones from Shure and Sennheiser.

The house lighting rig is a mix of Chauvet Intimidator Beam LED 350’s, Chavuet Rogue 1 LED Washes and Chauvet SlimPar Pro W LED Pars. Emma said of the choice of lighting fixtures: “The nightclub stage can host a variety of events so we had to find a small set of compact fixtures that would deliver club, live and presentation style lighting. I think Chauvet has a really versatile set of products that tick all these boxes.” ShowCAD Artist provides control for club nights but an ETC ColurSource 20 is available for live engineering, when needed.

The Flower Room and The Silver Rooms – as well as others – have an IPTV output to connect the TV, via an Exterity IP receiver, this system allows members to seamlessly switch between Terrestrial TV, Sky or video content. As there is only one fixed screen in the whole venue – a Samsung QLED Q7F 4K Smart TV in The Mexican – the IPTV solution has been installed to distribute TV, Sky, video content and digital signage via a network meaning TVs can be setup in numerous places across the venue, as required.

“Outside is obviously quite a noise sensitive area, but also when the roof is closed you’ve got a glass ceiling and a tiled floor, so it was quite a challenge acoustically,” Emma explained. “There isn’t an open and shut setting for the roof as such, it’s just been designed so that closing the roof doesn’t alter the sound too much, just encloses it. It’s triple glazed so when it’s closed, sound leakage is very minimal, you can still maintain a great party atmosphere without upsetting the neighbours, it is so well insulated. ”

To avoid exciting such a reverberant space but maintaining good coverage and clarity two separate audio systems are married together. First the alcoves that run along each side of The Garden Terrace are catered for by colour- matched, d&b audiotechnik 4S’ and K-Array KU26 subwoofers. The main dining area is serviced by 16C columns discreetly mounted at the top and bottom of the space. The audio can be kept quite intimate and at a good level for the peripheries of the terrace. It was essential we maintained coverage in the middle of the dining area, without deafening people closer to the edges but ensure the space was inclusive. Over the bar, there are more 4S loudspeakers, that cover that area specifically. If it’s a nice evening and the bar is busy, the bar system can be turned up without disturbing the diners, and there are more K-Array KU26 subwoofers under the bar seating, too.

Décor, ambiance, F&B and technology are all of equal importance to deliver the best possible experience to the members. Operations Director, Graziano Arricale, worked closely with lead Audiovisual Consultant and Designer, Emma Bigg of Octavius RE – and subsequently Marquee AV, which completed the installation – to ensure the technology worked in perfect harmony with every single element.

The result is a club that without a doubt put its members first, and is delivering a first-class experience on every level.