The Luckman

Technical Details

The Luckman

Hollywood, USA

VUE Audiotechnik, Panasonic, Allen & Heath, Screen Innovations

Lighting / Visual Designer:
Sensorium AVR, USA

Bryan Bilgore, Sensorium AVR, USA


The Luckman located in the penthouse of the members-only Soho House in West Hollywood, is an intimate ’70s styled club within a club, offering a wide variety of performances, from movie screenings to multi-piece bands and DJ sets. The audio setup had to offer an exceptional performance, but also be able to adapt.

Sensorium AVR based in NYC worked on creating the best multi-sensory experience simulating a live, unreinforced soundscape, where one doesn’t realise that technology is involved. Sensorium AV applied the best available technologies to maximise what they call Applied Virtual Reality or AVR – lifelike, seamless sound, where enough data is transmitted through the system so that the listener’s brain does not need work to fill information gaps through interpolation.

Two h-12 loudspeakers, six i-8a loudspeakers and two h-8 loudspeakers from VUE Audiotechnik were implemented as a full ‘wall of sound’. The pair of h-8 loudspeakers were used as the fold-back system and ambient speakers, as sometimes tables and chairs populate the stage. The foldaway DJ booth is also located on the stage – and a fold back h-8 becomes the DJ monitor when in use. A balancing VUE is-26 subwoofer is at the opposite end to augment the ultra powerful pair of hs-28 subwoofers sitting on the right and left of the floor in front of the slightly elevated stage. is-26 is carefully bandwidth and dynamic range limited to give the right amount of fullness to the far back end of the room.

Both digital and analogue connections run to every active speaker, which are carefully sequenced on dedicated circuits based on power consumption. There are very specific limiters on the speakers, so they will never clip. Both shielded and unshielded Ethernet cable runs to every speaker as an upgrade path for digital signal and currently allows the speakers to be controlled remotely via SystemVUE Software.

A four-channel Ashly NXE-4004 amp runs up to four VUE hm-112 wedges, which are stored away when not in use. An Allen & Heath QU24 mixing desk provides all the latest digital features – and expansion options – required for The Luckman.

Sensorium AVR also provided the visual element installing a Draper Aerolift Projector lift, which drops down from the ceiling for video. A 30dB quiet running 7,000 lumen Panasonic projector with a dual bulb for brightness and redundancy, projects onto a Screen Innovations 110-inch 16:9 ratio motorised Pure Gray screen flush-mounted into the ceiling.