The Argyle

Technical Details

The Argyle

Sydney, Australia

GLP, Martin by Harman, ELC

Show Technology

Lighting / Visual Designer:
Show Technology

Salve International


The Argyle is situated The Rocks, in one of Australia’s oldest buildings and has a fantastic offering to multi generations of Australian and Tourists who visit Sydney all year round.  A former stores building built in 1820, which is heritage listed and offers unique design as it still has many of its original features.

Any visitor, who enters via the stone archway, is greeted with a sandstone courtyard and inside, low ceilings with beautiful timber board and beams with bars that have the original stone behind the drinks which is split over 2 levels and a third room.

The proposed concept from Show Technology was to provide a multi purpose intelligent lighting solution that is ‘Staff Friendly’ but can create the perfect dance floor on Friday & Saturday evenings, whilst show casing the original textures and features of the 1820’s building for its busy day time trade and vibrant bar culture.

Show Technology’s Business Development Manager Stephen Dallimore  said about the project “From our point of view, what was really interesting about the building is that it’s from the 1820’s, so it’s actually one of the oldest buildings in the oldest part of The Rocks – it’s really unique. It a high profile project with a budget of  XXX Euros that needs to cover 5 areas.

The entrance through an brick archway from the street, see 8 Hex (RGBWA-UV) bars being used to wash the arch and the timber roof, where it leads to the cobble courtyard with the entrance tot the venue.  Here, Exterior flood lights (Hex 36) were used against the building facades that works inline with the fixtures in the archway. These are all programmed to 12 different presets and sequences via an ELC touch panel.

A focus pint for downstairs is the bar area which is visible from as you walk in.   Using Rox Strip fixtures has allowed the original sandstone to be illuminated along with using LED tape that illuminates all the exposed sandstone walls to create a soft changing of colour as day becomes night.  To highlight the exposed timber floors and beams in a low ceiling area, Martin Rush MH2’s provided the wash and GLP X1’s to help add vibrancy for the evening, which is all controlled of ELC Touch panel.

On the second floor,  which is for the late nigh evenings dance area, the same design was used for the bar and walls as downstairs but replacing the X1’s for Martin Rush MH4’s and adding some Martin Rush Strobes.  This again can be controlled by using the ELC touch panel for the daytime but for the night when the Dj’s are in, the MA dot2 was the chosen console for the venue after looking at different options.

An underused 3rd room called the Reibey Room, which is a small, dark space where lighting is used to full effect to make it really atmospheric. Using LED tape, Perspex on top of the booths, the area has been totally transformed.  Now all four walls in the room have multiply designs, rating an elegant lighting colour that can be changed as the night goes on or for private hire with table top service which is now booked out weeks in advance.

“The transformation of the venue has taken it to another level, not just in terms of numbers through the door, but the actual perception of The Argyle in Sydney – it’s turned it into the go-to destination.” Explained Entertainment Manager Phil Hudson from the Venue.