Terminal 7

Technical Details

Terminal 7

Paris, France

Schnick-Schnack-Systems GmbH

Ledbox Company

Groupe Noctis

Lighting / Visual Designer:
Guto Requena

Ledbox Company

Project Submitted By:
Schnick-Schnack-Systems GmbH


Lighting & Visual

In December 2017, the “Le Terminal 7” opened in Paris – an event club on the top floor of pavilion 7 of the Parc des Expositions at Porte de Versailles. The Pavilion 7, which houses the club and is located in the 15th arrondissement of the city, was previously used as an event location and was completely renovated by the Noctis group within two years. The central element of the new club is the light art work of the Brazilian artist Guto Requena – a space-filling structure that represents an inverted tree whose roots are anchored in the sky. The special feature: the tree was completely designed by a parametric software – a series of mathematical operations generated the structure. For the equipment of the work of art, the French company Ledbox was responsible. A total of 450m of Schnick-Schnack-Systems‘ Series C video-controllable LED strips were installed in the sculpture – driven by a Madrix Ultimate media server.