Royal Tank Museum


Royal Tank Museum


Amman, Jordan




AKTCO, Amman, Jordan

Project Submitted By:

Robe Lighting


Nearly 400 Robe ParFect S1s LED luminaires are in action, illuminating 110 x battle-worn tanks from a century of wars in the Middle East and other more distant conflicts.

The fixtures were installed to provide a long-term low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing solution. “We really needed very high powered and precise luminaires that didn’t consume too much power and would be tough and hardwearing as they are on for very long periods each day. We knew we could rely on the proven quality of Robe, and lightsources that would not deteriorate were also a consideration”.

The challenges were in lighting the huge spaces involved that were needed to show off these impressive military relics in an appropriate and engaging environment, and also in show casing the tanks themselves, objects built to consume and conquer everything in their path… including lumens!

This project should win because the fixtures were perfect for this situation in a number of ways: “Robe is one of the best brands we’ve worked with to date” confirms Nidal of AKTCO, “and the results of this project speak for themselves. We are also impressed with the levels of technical support from Robe and are confident they are excellent partners for us.”