Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Funktion-One, UK; FFA, UK

Sound Investment

Built Inc

Lighting / Visual Designer:
In house with support from Atlanta Rigging Systems

Sound Investment

Sound Investment

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Funktion-One / Sound Investment


Ravine is a 16,000 square foot state of the art, multi-platform production studio in the heart of Atlanta Midtown, which features production and recording studios, concert stages and exclusive special event studios. To maximise the venue’s flexibility in catering for a range of productions – across music, film and other arts – it has been designed with modularity at its core.

The main space has been created to fill a void in the US market, and specifically in the south-eastern region, for an intimate high production environment that allows for small capacity viewings without sacrificing concert and festival-grade production.

Designer, John Sofio, of Built Inc., took this desire into overdrive by treating the space almost entirely in cedar. This, coupled with over 2,500 sq ft of sound tiles covering most of the ceiling, allows the Funktion-One system to really shine. The entire room has been designed for phenomenal sound.

The Funktion-One system – designed, supplied and installed by Sound Investment – is configured in main left and right hangs of two Funktion-One Evo 7TH mid-high speakers and one Funktion-One Evo 7TL-215 mid-bass speaker, together with four F124 bass enclosures. Left and right delays, each comprising one Funktion-One Evo 7T flown with an Evo 7TH and a grounded F124, have been deployed in response to the long and narrow dimensions of the space.

Two PSM318s deliver high performance DJ monitoring onstage. Upstairs, looking over the dancefloor, the mezzanine VIP area has 28 F101 speakers, two F88s and eight BR118 bass reflex speakers. The system has been tuned to deliver even coverage throughout.

Amplification comes from four FFA 10000, four FFA 6000, four FFA 6004 and six FFA 4004, while processing is BSS London.

Ravine is a truly multidisciplinary venue which has been created by forward-thinking design, market-leading audio innovations and technicians, and a host of premium visual entertainment technologies.

On working with Sound Investment, owner Eric Anderson said: “They are awesome! It is refreshing to work with a group that can move at light speed with us. They consistently hit very tight deadlines during our project build out and have continued to be available as needs arise. We are very happy to have a partnership with them.

Discussing the ‘world class audio’, he added: “We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the sound. It is crystal clear, responsive and timed perfectly. It’s also more than capable of handling anything we throw at it. The music is important to us. We intend to create memorable performances every time our doors are opened, and world class audio is fundamental to the experience.”

The venue is also home to a contingent of high-calibre lighting, SFX and video technologies – including over 100 Robe fixtures, SL Nitro strobes, Kvant lasers, over 200m of Imaginex SandStrip LED tape, Barco projection, as well as control from MA Lighting GrandMA, Crescent Sun, ArKaos, Resolume, MadMapper, and Pangolin.

Despite already hitting the highest standards, there’s more to come from Ravine, including a 6,000 sq ft gallery expansion to complement the exterior artscapes on the building which will “take full advantage of Funktion-One sound and Robe lighting.” The main space is set to host more than 30 big ‘Beware Presents’ shows over the next six months.