Purpose Church


Purpose Church

Ponoma, California

Eastern Acoustic Works

Jeremy Rynders

Goodman Audio

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Purpose’s fan-shaped sanctuary seats 1,800 to 2,000 and features a wraparound balcony that requires 180 degrees of audio coverage. The biggest challenge was getting even coverage that wide, with consistent sound quality at every seat.

The space mostly has hard, flat surfaces with little or no acoustic treatment. Tight control of sound dispersion is crucial, requiring customizable coverage. But the church holds three distinct kinds of services of different sizes, with different programs, and has two distinct praise bands. Long, complicated turnarounds between events simply are not possible, so the church needed user presets for reconfiguring the sound system.

Anna’s 100-degree horizontal dispersion was paramount to covering the wide seating area. “The system is a true left-center-right system, with each array creating a custom-shaped, 180-degree horizontal coverage pattern,” explains Rynders.

The left and right arrays each consist of nine Anna modules, hung in two rows: one row of six enclosures and one row of three. Anna modules can be hung high because they can provide any desired coverage pattern while hanging straight, without any vertical splay or array curvature. Rynders was able to keep the left and right arrays out of the line-of-sight to the video screens, while still serving the audience seated directly below.

Rynders concludes. “What we pull off every Sunday is complicated. This is the ideal solution for this room and gives the church exactly what it wanted.”

Audio: 24 Anna – ADAPTive self powered line array module in an LCR configuration