Ling Ling

Technical Details

Ling Ling

Marrakech, Morocco

Tannoy, Lab.gruppen, QSC

Lighting / Visual Designer:
Firefly Lighting Design



A common denominator within Hakkasan Group projects of late has been collaboration between the group and integration specialist, Audiotek. The company, headed up by Frank Murray, has been a fixture for a number of years – providing design, specification and installation needs. Unlike the superclubs Audiotek has fitted out for Hakkasan Group of late, Ling Ling in Marrakech required a more subtle approach with the technology. Rather than creating a hypnotic sound system that plunges clubbers into a memorising state, Ling Ling needed a discreet and flexible system, yet one which was still powerful.

The system comprises a combination of Tannoy VX 8 loudspeakers and Tannoy VSX 8.2BP subwoofers, all of which are ceiling mounted – even the subwoofers. This ensured the floor space remained flexible at all times, so tables and seating could be moved without any interference. The boxes are spread evenly down the room to allow an even sound.

The VX 8’s provide a compact yet punchy and dynamic sound solution, which coupled with the VSX 8.2BPs – extend the frequency response of the system below 40Hz. This means the overall output levels are what would normally be associated with much larger enclosures, further demonstrating the flexibility of the system. “The Tannoy VX range was chosen due to the size of the boxes versus the volume needed,” Audiotek’s Chris Kmeic explained. “They were also chosen due to success with the product range on previous projects carried out by both ourselves and by the Hakkasan team.”

The Tannoy cabinets are powered by nine Lab.gruppen IPD-2400 amplifiers, a natural choice given that both brands fall under the Music Group umbrella. But these models were also chosen for their small form factor – the whole system fits into a 12U rack – which proved key as back of house space was at a premium. “The IPD also offers DSP on every output, allowing us to add additional tuning to certain areas and across the room where needed,” added Chris.

Processing for Ling Ling comes in the form of QSC Q-Sys Core 110f DSP platform and a TSC-3 Touchscreen. Chris explained the set-up: “The Core 100f was chosen due to its flexible outputs, in this system we have a number of different inputs such as background music players and DJs. The venue needed each preset control for the different input sources, as well as output levels set so as to not disturb the guests of the hotel. Access password control then allows other modes of the system that give more level for those big one off events.”

Although there is no intelligent lighting installed at the venue, as it simply wouldn’t create the right ambiance, some decorative lighting was implemented by Firefly Lighting Design. Director, Peter Veale, explained the company’s role: Our job was to review the lighting that had been installed for the previous occupants – designed by the interior designers – and redesign the scheme, both inside and out to make it more suitable for a Hakkasan Group restaurant. We saw our role very much as adding the sparkle, the life and the accents.”