Technical Details


Canterbury, UK

Martin Audio, UK

Penguin Media Solutions, UK


Situated on the University of Kent’s Canterbury Campus, the popular K-Bar recently underwent a major design overhaul, boasting a new state-of-the-art audiovisual system, designed and installed by Penguin Media Solutions. This includes end-to-end CDD loudspeakers.

Project Manager Dylan Thompson said: “With the arrival of CDD I don’t need to look elsewhere, which is a nice position to be in. CDD has been a revelation – it’s well priced, sounds great and I can spec it for just about anything.”

The brief this time was to develop a technical infrastructure for a multipurpose facility that would trade as a sports bar by day, with a small stage for live bands and DJs coming on weekend nights. It needed to be cost-effective, multi-zonal, for flexible audio and video routing, and offer simple control for bar staff.

At the Stage end are a pair of CDD10 (10”) speakers, wall-mounted on either side of the stage, and a CSX212 sub. Facing this at the opposite end of the room are a pair of CDD8, left and right and another CSX212 sub. “It can therefore function as a 2.1 cinema surround system or for student presentations, while if the DJ wants to work from that end the volume can be adjusted accordingly,” says Dylan.

A separate sofa/loose furniture area, away from the main action, is served by a pair of CDD8, with a further pair of CDD8 providing a warm sound at the bar.

Summing up, Dylan Thompson said, “There were a lot of different speaker brands previously all clashing with each other. By standardising on CDD, and halving the number of boxes the sound has improved massively.”