Technical Details


Las Vegas, USA

Ayrton, Robe, Avolites, Desisti, ROE, Absen, Kvant, L-Acoustics, QSC

Shaun Yauch, BWA

Lighting / Visual Designer:
Frank Murray, Chris Kmiec, Audiotek / Jerry Klint, James Algate, and Derek Silverstein, Hakkasan Group / Andy Taylor, Gasoline Design

Sound Designer:
Chris Kmiec, Audiotek

Audiovisual Consultant:
Frank Murray, Chris Kmiec, Mags Morton and Len Bolger, Audiotek

Nevin Edwards, Joe Garcia Miranda, National Technology Associates

Interior Designer:
Shaun Sullivan, Rockwell


After seeing the capabilities and successes of past projects including OMNIA nightclub in Las Vegas and San Diego, and Hakkasan nightclub at MGM Grand, Hakkasan Group felt it was a natural decision to bring the teams who they worked with back on board to create its latest venture, JEWEL, located in the Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas. There’s a real synergy between interior designer, Rockwell led by Shaun Sullivan, Frank Murray, Chris Kmeic, Mags Morton and Len Bolger at Audiotek, architect Shaun Yauch of BWA and Nevin Edwards from local integrators, NTA.

“Ed Shaw, Video Director at Hakkasan Group wanted to integrate the lighting and video elements into a cohesive unit,” said Chris. And the design of this started to come together thanks to Ayrton’s Dream Panel Twin, which was launched at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, earlier this year. Using both sides of the 54 Dream Panel Twin – installed in a grid formation behind the DJ – to construct a kinetic video wall.

The ceiling feature consists of a virtual coffer dome, which was constructed in concentric ovals rings highlighted by ROE Hybrid 15S LED tiles. Rockwell added a number of mirrored rings within the video structures to enhance the visual impact and maximise the output.

Audiotek’s Andy Taylor explained further: “The Ayrton Cosmopix were our next choice, but we realised they could only really be used to their full potential if they were floating in mid-air and not just wildly spinning about at ceiling height. In this space, having them drop down on the Desisti Pantographs adds a pretty impressive gag, filling the whole room above and below them with beams.” Once the two main features were in place, it was a case of filling in the details. Around the central ceiling oculus there is a ring of eight Robe Pointes and a ring of eight Robe DL4X moving heads.

For control an Avolites package comprising a Sapphire Touch plus a Sapphire Touch Wing, as well as a Quartz and a trio of Titan Net processors was chosen. Chris continued: “As the project developed and it became apparent there was going to be a single operator for video and lighting, this cemented our decision, as the console could provide seamless integration between lighting and the Ai video servers.”

The same team was also charged with designing and specifying the audio set-up. Collectively, about 12 months were spent researching different manufacturers and the new products that were coming to market. Chris said: “We are big fans of the L-Acoustics brand and for our large-scale projects it is currently our most popular choice. We have a superb relationship with L-Acoustics and find their support and commitment to quality and design beyond reproach.” The main system is based around two five-wide arrays of L-Acoustics ARCS II, placed either side of the DJ. The fills are a combination of L-Acoustics 12XTi and 8XTi cabinets, while low end for the entire system is provided by L-Acoustics SB28 subwoofers. LA4 and LA8 amplified controllers from the manufacturer power the system.

James concluded: “JEWEL fits perfectly into our portfolio of nightclubs in Las Vegas both in capacity but it also allows us to offer a more intimate type of nightclub experience for our guests, which in turn helps diversify our offerings in this market.”