Harbin Grand Theatre

Technical Details

Harbin Grand Theatre

Harbin, China

Kling & Freitag

Shanghai MYC

Zaha Hadid

Lighting / Visual Designer:
Shanghai MYC

Shanghai MYC

Shanghai MYC


The main hall of the Grand Theatre has a not insignificant number of 1,600 seats. Thus, the question of whether electro-acoustic support needs to be installed or not answers itself. But the planners of the theatre have implemented something even more special here. There is a choice of two permanently installed speaker systems. The line array system SEQUENZA 10 from premium speaker manufacturer Kling & Freitag from Germany is available with 12 full-range SEQUENZA 10N elements and two SEQUENZA 10B subwoofers, each to the right and left of the stage, as a whole area sound system. The K&F SSEQUENZA 10 line array system is also used for several 1,000s of listeners at large and open-air concerts, among other things. So, even here at the Harbin Theatre, the line array is not only suitable in terms of level, but it more than meets the high requirements in terms of sound and outstanding intelligibility – both loudly and quietly – in an impressive way.

Furthermore, the large hall has a surround sound system with sound point sources to choose from. Depending on the performance, the different samples, music pieces, effects and the like can be placed acoustically in the room. Thus, sound point sources from the K&F ACCESS are used for the left-right-centre sound. Bass support is provided by six double 18-inch subwoofers – the K&F ACCESS B10. Built mostly concealed, additional K&F speaker systems are available in a variety of sizes for the surround sounds. Starting with the typical installation loudspeakers of Kling & Freitag’s pro.INSTALL series SONA 5” chassis to up to about 70 speakers of internationally renowned K&F CA series.

The audio signals coming from the mixer are coupled redundantly via Dante, as well as analogue, to the drive of the systems – around 50 K&F SystemAmps from the PLM Series. This provides a high degree of reliability at all times. In addition, this modern type of signal distribution has many advantages, such as in the area of installation and sound quality. If you use such a perfectly coordinated system of speakers and drives, as they do here at Harbin, you can create worlds of sound in such breathtaking architecture, which is truly unique.