Fremont Chicago

Technical Details

Fremont Chicago

Chicago, USA

Martin Audio, UK

Ayre Productions, USA


Ayre Productions recently completed an audio upgrade for the Fremont Chicago, a new upscale restaurant/lounge in the city’s River North area, including CDD to provide consistent and suitable coverage for both levels of the venue.

The fact that Fremont Chicago functions both as a restaurant on the main floor and an upstairs bar/lounge with a performance space on the first floor presented unique challenges in terms of speaker positioning and coverage.

Ayre’s John Wagner explains: “We mounted two CDD12’s above the main dining space directed down the centre of the room, with two CDD5’s mounted 15 to 20 ft. up on the back wall as rear fill for the bar, and three CSX212 subwoofers positioned discreetly around the room. This setup provides flat and even coverage. Everyone who sits in the dining room rants and raves about how amazing it sounds!”

“For the lounge itself, we have CDD15’s as FOH over existing subwoofers under the stage and CDD12’s mounted in four corners firing into the centre of the room. Two CDD5’s are mounted on either side of the upstairs bar for additional fill with a CDD5 in a long hallway to the bathrooms. There’s also a CSX212 sub in a soffit and two CSX118 subs deployed on the other side of the room. The sound system is for stage reinforcement, background music and some dancing. All of the booths are manoeuvrable to provide more standing room, so we had to create a system that’s super versatile.”

Summing up, John adds: “The CDD’s wide dispersion capability allows us to use a smaller amount of speakers for each space. The price point on each of these enclosures is also a pleasant surprise. They come in slightly less expensive than the typical speakers, and not having to use as many cabinets to cover a room saves money in terms of time and labor as well.”