Comunidad Apostólica Hosanna Church

Technical Details

Comunidad Apostólica Hosanna Church

Panama, USA

Elation Professional

Michael Garrison Associates

Lighting / Visual Designer:
Michael Garrison Associates , USA

Michael Garrison Associates , USA

Michael Garrison Associates


Comunidad Apostólica Hosanna (CAH) is a large evangelical Christian church in Panama City, Panama, that is unique for several reasons. With Sunday services attracting well over 12,000 practitioners and operating its own TV division, CAH has grown to become one of Central America’s more influential mega-churches. Design and systems integration company Michael Garrison Associates (MGA) were called on to create a comprehensive conceptual design for the renovation of the church and chose Elation Professional lighting and video products to realize the project.

CAH selected a comprehensive design for the renovation of the facility that included construction of a new, multi-level stage along with the design and integration of all new audio, video and lighting systems. Such an extensive audiovisual renovation is fairly uncommon in Panama and CAH is one of the first venues of its kind in the country with this level of installation. Randy Garabedian, Senior AVL Consultant at MGA, designed and installed the new lighting system, which consists of Colour Pendant™ color-changing LED downlights, Opti Tri White™ variable white LED Par lights, SixPar Series™ LED Par color changers, and Platinum Spot III™ LED color and graphics moving heads. “The intention of the lighting installation was to upgrade to a new ‘production style’ of lighting,” he states. The lighting system was only part of the visual upgrade. A new video system features four LED video screens made up of Elation EZ6™ LED video display panels and has changed the feel of the room completely.

Yani González, AVL Department Supervisor at Hosanna Vision, explains the reasons for choosing to work with MGA and Elation. “About two years before we met MGA, we purchased an LED video screen directly from a manufacturer in China. This turned out to be a poor choice for us, as it took months of time and effort for our engineers to get the screen operational. So when we found MGA and learned that they would not only fully install the audio, video and lighting equipment but that they would also provide on-site warranty support services, we were more than happy to give that responsibility to them.”