Centrum Spotkania Kultur



Centrum Spotkania Kultur


Lublin, Poland


Robe, Czech Republic


ProLight, Poland

Lighting / Visual Designer:

Bart Pyczek

Project Submitted By:

Robe Lighting


The main auditorium seats up to 1,000 people and is the second biggest stage in Poland, with a 54-metre depth, 15 metres of width and a lofty 26 metres headroom and some complex moving stage machinery. With all this technical excellence, Lublin can now stage shows that were never possible before, bringing a new energy, creative spirit plus huge anticipation to the city! Especially for the headroom and high trim height, powerful and flexible moving lights were needed: CSK has 70 x Robe luminaires in the main stage space – a combination of LEDWash 800s, BMFL Spots, Pointes and ParFect 100s – which were specified by CSK’s head of technical, Bart Pyczek.

The luminaires give the client the range and scope we need to light the assorted genres and styles of performance as there are a multitude of different performances at CSK; the Robe fixtures are extremely adaptable and cover all bases.

The main challenges were remaining in budget, whilst still achieving an adaptable production value; the Robe fixtures were a flexible and highly cost-effective option.

The installation of these Robe fixtures has allowed the space to do “something new and innovative” with their respective shows’ production values.