Bethlehem Church

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Bethlehem Church

Gothenburg, Sweden


Tech 4 Event AB

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With music and the spoken word at the heart of the modern worship service, any renovation of a church sanctuary calls for a critical appraisal of the performance of the fixed audio system. In the Bethlehem Church in Gothenburg, Sweden, just such a renovation resulted in the installation of a new NEXO GEO M6 compact line array, after careful analysis of the church room’s acoustics and a shoot-out between manufacturers’ solutions. 

Tech 4 Event AB has specialised in church installations over recent years, and was called in to assess the needs of the Bethlehem church, and its 800-strong congregation. Björn Carlsson, the CEO of Tech 4 Events, and his colleagues looked at a number of different sound reinforcement systems for the installation, considering the aesthetic appearance of the audio solution as well as its sonic performance.

“The GEO M6’s lightweight polyurethane composite cabinet measures only 191 x 373 mm x 260 mm and is therefore ideal for installation in design-sensitive environments. In addition, this line array also performs very well when it comes to both sound pressure and sound quality. Not only is there a wide range of mounting accessories, the system offers us as an installer and audio rental company a reliable, TÜV-certified system with very good performance. The Bethlehem system uses 18x GEO M6 modules in two arrays of 9 cabinets, supplemented by 2x NEXO LS18 subbass. The entire system is powered by 3x NEXO NXAMP4x1, which brings the built-in, advanced processor that makes the system sound so good.”


Acoustics are often a tough challenge in a church building, but one of the key requirements of the congregation was for as discreet a speaker system as possible, one which would not visually affect the church environment more than necessary.

“We know from experience that, using the right technology, it is possible to create good sound systems which can also look nice and blend into the church room. In this case, we mounted the speaker system on a heavy concrete beam between floor and ceiling, and the assembly wanted the speakers to pick up the colour from the concrete beam. So the loudspeakers and flyware were specially painted in the RAL colour we received from the architect to blend in perfectly.”

The NEXO GEO M6 is a relatively new system that made it a little easier for the team to make an aesthetic fit with the church’s interior.

Final thoughts

Ola Fransson at Intersonic, General Agent for NEXO in Sweden, added: “the phase orientation is extremely important when using, for example, all-around mosquito microphones, which are often used in churches. This means that you eliminate feedback problems, as Tech 4 Event has demonstrated in Gothenburg.”

Carlsson concluded, that “we, and more importantly, the congregation is very pleased with the results in the Bethlemhem Church. Of course, the sound quality has become much better with a steady frequency range from bass to treble, but above all speech comprehensibility has become significantly better. Every seat in the whole church must enjoy the same sound and we have managed to achieve that. In fact, there is only 2 dB between the highest and lowest points in the whole church, which is a very, very good result.”