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BASE Dubai

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System integrator Pulse Middle East has provided the audio, visual and lighting systems at newly opened super-club Base Dubai, including a TW AUDiO  system powered by Powersoft amplifiers. Base Dubai is owned and operated by Bulldozer Group, which has worked with Pulse Middle East on several of its other venues previously. With a capacity of 2,000, the club opened to a weekend line-up that featured performances from Swedish DJ Axwell and American rapper 50 Cent.

The TW AUDiO setup comprises two main hangs of 4 x T24N loudspeakers and a centre hang formed from 2 x BSX subwoofers and 8 x S33 directional subwoofers configured to end-fire mode. Reinforcement towards the rear of the super-club is handled by 4 xT30 loudspeakers, while 6 x T20 point source cabinets serve as front-fills, reinforce the VIP area and behind the DJ. The DJ booth itself is installed with a monitoring solution consisting of 2 x T24N and 4 x B30, which are reportedly capable of playing back 143dB of undistorted audio up to 1m away.

For the subwoofer array, Pulse Middle East used an EASE simulation to ensure that the low frequencies were precisely catered for, so as to evenly cover the entire venue without spilling into the neighbouring residential area. 9 x Powersoft X4 amplifiers are employed to drive the entire sound system, offering up to 180,000W of power.


Given a tight deadline, Pulse Middle East completed the entire installation in 23 days. “The speed and quality of this project is a testament to the boundary-pushing capabilities, technical knowledge and passion provided by our expert team,” said Pulse Middle East managing partner Joe Chidiac. “Base Dubai is a shining example of a world-class project, completed on schedule and executed within budget.”

Final thoughts

The client was impressed with the installer’s work. “We have worked with their company on many previous projects and have found them to be thoroughly professional and reliable with an extensive product portfolio,” said Evgeny Kuzin managing partner of Base Dubai and Bulldozer Group. “We look forward to continuing our relationship with Pulse Middle East.”